Moscow Youth Cult’s ‘Love>Lore’ video

Here’s the new video for Notts Indie-Electro outfit Moscow Youth Cult’s Love>Lore. It;s a track we’ve featured before and we do love it when tracks we like get nice videos.

Hayley Watchorn directs this  study of interesting bits travelling that seems strangely fitting.

Moscow Youth Cult’s Happiness Machines is out now.

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Moscow Youth Cult’s ‘Happiness Machines’

Moscow Youth Cult

Moscow Youth Cult have graced these pages a few times since their inception. The Nottingham based Indie-Electro experimentalists have drawn us into their Sci-Fi world on more than one occasion and now with the forthcoming release of their début long player, Happiness Machines,  we get to spend a whole hour amongst their post-Industrial funky soundscapes.

After the buzzing, and strangely emotional, atmospheric intro of Shimmer Star has allowed your mind to wander to distant, fantastical, places, the pounding kick of Love>Lore shakes you right back to reality and drops you firmly in the middle of a swirling cloud of sound roped together with an unusual future funk. As the record continues, with a few tracks you might have heard before, Iris, Phase IV, Survivasm, it feels like a fresh take in Moscow Youth Cult. Together in a full length album you get more of a sense of MYC than you did in the singles an EPs. Amongst the Cabaret Voltaire noise there are some blissfully euphoric songs, with an almost Chillwave tone to them. Actually, this whole record sounds a bit like if Sarah Connor from Terminator was actually Chillwave, and Chillwave was being chased by the Terminator, but then got all badass at the end in a factory, or something. What we are trying to say, is that if you add the reverb washed Dreamlike  laments of Chillwave, those beautiful moods, add add them to the relentless march and sonic adventurousness of midlands post-Industrial, you get Moscow Youth Cult (who you occasionally get the feeling have been hanging out with Disco). Does a melting pot like this work? Well, if you listen to tracks like Happiness Machines, the title track, with it’s distant, space age, funk or the factory Pop of Break-In Work-Out the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. And there are time when it feels like it shouldn’t, but it really does. Moscow Youth Cult’s Happiness Machines is definitely worth checking out.

♫ Moscow Youth Cult – Survivasm

Moscow Youth Cult – Love>Lore

Moscow Youth Cult – Phase IV

♫ Moscow Youth Cult – Iris

Happiness Machines is released 30th July.

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Moscow Youth Cult’s ‘Iris’ EP

Moscow Youth Cult

We’ve been following Nottingham based raw ElectroPop outfit Moscow Youth Cult for a while now and their new EP ‘Iris’ gives as a tantalising view of what to expect from their début album.

The title track (first seen accompanying it’s video) is a strange, but beautiful, head-on collision between gritty Indie-Pop and chainsaw Minimal Synth, with a dancefloor beat. As catchy as it is abrasive this is garage ElectroPop at it’s finest. The rest of the EP takes MYC down a more experimental, atmospheric road, having got the catchy Pop tune out of the way the guys are free to explore their electronic soundscapes which ranges from the eerie, to the frantic, to the majestic. Two reMixes of ‘Iris’ are also packed in the EP including the Sci-Fi Pop-Funk of the ‘LA2019’ reMix (which, surprisingly, doesn’t sounds like Vangelis).

♫ Moscow Youth Cult – Iris

♫ Moscow Youth Cult – Survivasm

♫ Moscow Youth Cult – Iris (LA2019 reMix)

‘Iris’ is out now. MYC’s début full length record, ‘Happiness Machines’ is released early next year.

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Moscow Youth Cult’s new video

Nottingham’s eclectic ElectroPop outfit Moscow Youth Cult’s track ‘Iris’ has got itself a beautiful animated video.

Directed by Jake Hutchinson, the clip is part dream part nightmare reminiscant of old East European  cartoons.

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Moscow Youth Cult reMix Swimming


A Nottingham soundclash for you now. We’ve been waiting for new material from noisy and abrasive ElectroPop outfit Moscow Youth Cult for a while and they haven’t disappointed with this reMix for fellow Nottingham denizens Swimming’s forthcoming single ‘Neutron Wireless Crystal’.

MDC have an amazing knack for creating noisy, almost experimental, tunes but never letting them run away from them. their tracks tend to be gritty and raw and full of ideas but always kept restrained within the bounds of a good song. With ‘Neutron Wireless Crystal’ they have that to work with and the end result is something that sounds totally fresh, quite abstract, but still and actual song.

Swimming – Neutron Wireless Crystal (Moscow Youth Cult reMix)

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Moscow Youth Cult

Moscow Youth Cult create a rich, grainy, electronic soundscape in which to wrap their typically British Indie-Pop songs.

The band, who hail (unsurprisingly) for the East Midlands, draw from the wealth of the Sheffield area’s electronic music history to create abrasive, yet strangely beautiful, ElectroPop that fits in perfectly with the musical heritage of that part of the country. Just signed to LoAF Recordings, MYC are celebrating with a free EP. The two original tracks on the EP are surprisingly dancefloor friendly for such dense anti-Pop. ‘Girls Of Boredom’ mixes up relentless beats and a cacophony of 8-bit sounds and noisy synths with the kind of Indie vocals reminiscent of (We Are) Performance. ‘Sakura Sakura’ is a power Electro track as chaotic as a Tokyo wall of neon, yet within the chaos lies layers of beautiful synth work.

Moscow Youth Cult – Girls Of Boredom

Moscow Youth Cult – Sakura Sakura

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