boerd’s ‘Wavelength’ video

Last week boerd, side project of Stay Ali’s Bård Ericson, impressed us with his third EP Velocity.

Now the EP’s first track, Wavelength, has got itself a suitably calming video, Directed by Swiss filmmaker Kommak.

Velocity is out now.

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boerd’s ‘Velocity’ EP


Swedish funky electronic act boerd’s third EP was released this week. A side-project of Stay Ali’s Bård Ericson, boerd allows him to experiment with electronic sounds, bouncy grooves and atmospheric textures outside of the confines of traditional song arrangements.

The Velocity EP is the prefect nexus of all things boerd so far, effortlessly combining the experimental, the ambient, and the hella funky into four blissful tracks. The EP kicks off with the smooth other-planet-beach-chill-fest of Wavelength before descending into Shuttle, a track that layers electronic R&B beats with space-age, alien, synthetic textures and stabbing retro melodies. It’ll soon have you feeling misty eyed nostalgia for a future you only imagines in the ‘80’s. Flimmer bring things back a little, allowing the cosmic chill-out to continue amidst broken beats and haunting electric piano. Ericson once again plays to his strengths here, deep grooves and melody. And he knows melody! The EP plays out on it’s title track, Velocity, which adds a little Dub flavour into the mix before building toward a crashing saxophone finale. It’s a beautiful, space-age, musical trip boerd has conjured up. Artwork by DW Design too, which is always nice to see.

♫ boerd – Shuttle

♫ boerd – Flimmer

♫ boerd – Velocity

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