Casiokids‘ quirky Olympics.


Obviously not happy with the state of Olympic music as is (and, to be fair it is mostly cringe inducing cash-ins) Norwegian left field ElectroPop gang Casiokids have decided to give away their track, Olympiske Leker, for free along with a brand new version. The whole thing is odd, it’s probably the least sporty track ever, but that’s probably a good thing.

If you haven’t already heard the track, it was one of the standouts from their Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen album, it’s typically Casiokids eclectic. Lo-Fi, but not sparse, the synths are cheap, but there’s lots of them. It’s a juddering, and insanely catchy track with a deceptively majestic melody. Quirky ElectroPop with an ice cold exterior but a warm heart. The V.2 take on Olympiske Leker, is a bit more dancefloor aimed (but only a bit) which adds energetic beats to the mix. Casiokids are launching their own Olympics in Twitter, the winner of the best suggestion for a new sport to be included in the Olympics will receive their album and a Gullbrød (Golden Bread) chocolat. #casiolympics on entries.

Casiokids – Olympiske Leker

Casiokids – Olympiske Leker V.2

Casiokids Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen album is out now.

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New track from Casiokids


Casiokids, those Norwegian Analog SynthPop kooks have announced the release of their sophomore record, titled ‘Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen’ (in English ‘The Revelation Over The Mountain’) later this year.

‘Det Haster!’ will be the lead single from the 10 track LP, and give us a taste of what to expect. Casiokids merging of their experimental side and their fun, Pop, side shines through in ‘Det Haster!’ as the live drumming and the obvious joy the band take in wigging out on analog synths is focused into a cute little melody and bouncy groove.

Casiokids – Det Haster!

‘Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen’ will be released 11th October on Polyvinyl.

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Casiokids ‘Fot I Hose’ video

Why is it that so many artists who make electronic music appear to be completely insane? I mean that in a good way, though.

Maybe they just seem to be having more fun than other musicians?

Case in point; the video for Norwegian ElectroPopsters Casiokids, just released, single ‘Fot I Hose’ which is simple, funny and brilliant.

The song is cool too.

The double A Side ‘Verdens Største Land’/’Fot I Hose’ is out on 7″ and download on Moshi Moshi Records.

Casiokids @ Moshi Moshi Store

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