Labyrinth Ear’s ‘Urchin’

Labyrinth Ear

It’s been a while since their pretty stunning Apparitions EP but now London Experimental SynthPop duo Labyrinth Ear are once again ready to treat our ears to some of the most interesting electronic music around. It’s been nearly a year since their last EP, but their new track, Urchin, let’s us know they haven’t been sitting on their laurels.

A mixture of chimes and deep synthetic bassline greet you at the beginning of Urchin, sounding not unlike something from BladeRunner. Such futuristic connotations are soon shed, thought, as Labyrinth Ear launch into a moody, organic SynthPop dream. Industrial percussion and ghostly synths lay out the tracks atmosphere, threatening to take the song into Goth territory, but Labyrinth Ear refrain from things from getting too pompous by keeping a very human, emotional, feel to the track. Both in Tom’s gloomy Italo dungeon music and Emily’s haunting vocal performance. Hopefully a precursor of things to come.

Labyrinth Ear – Urchin

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