[Video] Marnie’s ‘Wolves’


Marnie   Wolves  Official Video    YouTube

At the start of the week we dropped the majestic ElectroPop new single from Ladytron’s Helen Marnie, Wolves. Today we drop the video. Go there to read the words, stay here to watch the pictures. Simple.

The clip was directed by Helen herself and Michael Sherrington and is a glossy, hazy, performance piece. I hope you like lens-flare.

Marnie’s Wolves is out now.

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[Audio] Marnie’s ‘Wolves’



Last year; Crystal World, the début album from Ladytron’s Helen Marnie turned out to be one of our favourite records of the year. It’s an LP that still gets a fair amount of play around these parts, so we never expected to get our first taste of Marnie’s album number two so soon, but here is Wolves, the first single from her sophomore release; due out next year.

Instantly more uplifting and optimistic that the content of Crystal World; Wolves, a track inspired in part but the forthcoming referendum on Scottish independence, is loaded with swelling chords and rousing choruses. Easing itself in with a growling, buzzing synth line, the track soon erupts into a rapturous choir of majestic synths and anthemic vocals. Marnie’s follow up album could turn out to be an entirely different beast.

♫ Marnie – Wolves

Marnie’s Wolves is out now.

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[Video] Ladytron’s Marnie’s ‘The Hunter’


Marnie   The Hunter  Official Video    YouTube

Here’s out first taste of Ladytron’s Helen Marnie’s forthcoming solo album, Crystal World. The album is being crowdfunded and the first track comes in the form of The Hunter. It’s sounding awesome, deep pulsating SynthPop topped with Marnie’s instantly recognisable voice. It;s made us totally excited for the album;s release.

Directed by Michael Sherrington the clip, loaded with vintage video effects and quick cuts, that captures the introspective energy of the track perfectly.

Marnie’s Crystal World album is out next week.

You can pick up Crystal World here.

[Video] Hervé & Maria Minerva’s ‘Gold’

We really like the direction London bassmeister Hervé has taken with his new album. it;s great to see artists trying something a bit different and Hervé has put together 9 tracks of experimental, beautiful, moody compositions and collaborations. One of the standouts being his new single, featuring Maria Minerva, Gold.

Tim Kelly directs the video, with visuals as hypnotic and woozy as the track’s sonics.

Hervé’s Art Of Disappearing album is out 4th March on Cheap Thrills.

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[Audio] Factory Floor’s ‘Fall Back’

Factory Floor

It’s been about a year since UK Indie-Electro/Post-Punk/Post-Industrial outfit Factory Floor’s last single. The first hit of their début album, slated for release in May, is finally here. Getting a little Minimal Synth groove on, Fall Back is released on DFA later this month.

Clocking in it just under nine minutes, Fall Back is a hypnotic Elektro Industrial excursion. Combining the sparse electronic assault of early Industrial, the listless vocals of Minimal Synth and the pounding of EBM, all wrapped up in Factory Floors’ effortless cool, Fall Back delivers an aural experience that could have easily come out of Sheffield in 1980. It’s an interesting hint of what to expect when Factory Floor’s album drops, and a track you can completely loose yourself in.

♫ Factory Floor – Fall Back

Factory Floor’s Fall Back is released 15th January.

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Ladytron’s Marnie announces solo album

Ladytron’s  Helen Marnie has announced that she has been recording a solo album in her time between Ladytron chores.

The album is being recorded in Iceland and Marnie is crowdfunding the release where pledges can pick up everything from personalised ringtones to Helen’s old Mini Cooper. Check out the video for a taste of what’s to come.

You can help crowdfund the release, and pick up some unique items, here.

Moscow Youth Cult’s ‘Happiness Machines’

Moscow Youth Cult

Moscow Youth Cult have graced these pages a few times since their inception. The Nottingham based Indie-Electro experimentalists have drawn us into their Sci-Fi world on more than one occasion and now with the forthcoming release of their début long player, Happiness Machines,  we get to spend a whole hour amongst their post-Industrial funky soundscapes.

After the buzzing, and strangely emotional, atmospheric intro of Shimmer Star has allowed your mind to wander to distant, fantastical, places, the pounding kick of Love>Lore shakes you right back to reality and drops you firmly in the middle of a swirling cloud of sound roped together with an unusual future funk. As the record continues, with a few tracks you might have heard before, Iris, Phase IV, Survivasm, it feels like a fresh take in Moscow Youth Cult. Together in a full length album you get more of a sense of MYC than you did in the singles an EPs. Amongst the Cabaret Voltaire noise there are some blissfully euphoric songs, with an almost Chillwave tone to them. Actually, this whole record sounds a bit like if Sarah Connor from Terminator was actually Chillwave, and Chillwave was being chased by the Terminator, but then got all badass at the end in a factory, or something. What we are trying to say, is that if you add the reverb washed Dreamlike  laments of Chillwave, those beautiful moods, add add them to the relentless march and sonic adventurousness of midlands post-Industrial, you get Moscow Youth Cult (who you occasionally get the feeling have been hanging out with Disco). Does a melting pot like this work? Well, if you listen to tracks like Happiness Machines, the title track, with it’s distant, space age, funk or the factory Pop of Break-In Work-Out the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. And there are time when it feels like it shouldn’t, but it really does. Moscow Youth Cult’s Happiness Machines is definitely worth checking out.

♫ Moscow Youth Cult – Survivasm

Moscow Youth Cult – Love>Lore

Moscow Youth Cult – Phase IV

♫ Moscow Youth Cult – Iris

Happiness Machines is released 30th July.

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Black Strobe’s ‘Boogie In Zero Gravity’ video

The Swamp Electro stylings of Black Strobe’s Boogie In Zero Gravity is now committed to celluloid.

The clip is pretty straight forward, Black Strobe suited and booted, the way all good Electro Blues acts should be. Laetitia Laguze produced the video, which combines a classic feel with some finale psychedelics.

The Boogie In Zero Gravity EP is out now.

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Black Strobe’s ‘Boogie In Zero Gravity’ EP

Black Strobe

Next week sees the release of Black Strobe’s Boogie In Zero Gravity EP. Having spent the last few months releasing some excellent tracks solo Arnaud Rebotini returns to the Black Strobe moniker as the sole surviving original member, and it seems he’s using Black Strobe to experiment and indulge in a new sound. Whilst the ElectroClash beats and seedy Disco synths that are Black Strobe’s trademark remain, we are also treated to an injection of Southern Blues.

Kinda’ building on 2007’s Burn Your Own Church, but with more swagger, and more soul and more electronics. Where as Burn Your Own Church was pretty much a straight up Rock album, Boogie In Zero Gravity is the sound of the deep south, if Moog’s were dead cheep in the down by the bayou. A mixture of soulful swamp Blues and Chicago House, Boogie In Zero Gravity, and it’s flip side White Gospel Blues are definitely unique, if nothing else. But also brilliantly atmospheric. The reMix package is pretty huge, alongside work from Jeremy Glenn with a brilliant man-machine track and and Drop Out Orchestra sweet laid back Disco (neither of which we’re allowed to play you more than 1m30s of, which isn’t worth bothering with really) is a mix from Elijah Collins, a man making a lot of waves recently. He delivers an atmospheric space Disco track. Slightly brooding and very electronic, Collins brings a different side to the Blues. Fellow Blackstrobe Records producer Museum provides a bonus mix which again, retains the Bluesy fell, but channels that through a vintage synth machine that spits out a pulsating analog workout.

♫ Black Strobe – Boogie In Zero Gravity (Extended Version)

Black Strobe – White Gospel Blues (Museum reMix)

♫ Black Strobe – Boogie In Zero Gravity (Elijah Collins reMix)

The Boogie In Zero Gravity EP is out 16th July.

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Nite Jewel’s ‘Clive’ video

The spookiest track (for personal reasons) on Nite Jewel’s One Second Of Love album, and current single Clive, is here in video form.

This sombre, simple clip is directed by José Wolff. Sometimes simplicity is best.

Nite Jewel is finally coming to the UK, dates here:

12th July – Erics @ Liverpool
13th July – Captain’s Rest @ Glasgow
14th July – Brudenell Social Club @ Leeds
15th July – Soup Kitchen @ Manchester
16th July – O2 Academy 2 @ Birmingham
17th July – The Green Door Store @ Brighton
18th July – XOYO @ London

Nite Jewel’s ‘One Second Of Love’ album is out now.

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