[Audio] Kosheen’s ‘Harder They Fall’



Of the many many thing to be proud about the city of Bristol, near the top sits Kosheen. ElectroPop, Drum & Bass, Electro, Breakbeat, Trip-Hop chameleons, Kosheen have left a stunning back catalogue behind them over the last fifteen years with Sian, Mark and Darren consistently delivering quality, intelligent Dance music with soul. Cue their forthcoming fifth studio album, Solitude, and it’s lead single, Harder They Fall. Released at the end of November, Harder They Fall comes equipped with three storming reMixes, have a listen to the Radio Edit and one of the mixes right now.

Harder They Fall is both dark & haunting and a post-Rave, UK House floorfiller. It’s like Kosheen of old, driven by Sian’s smokey vocals, with a twist that would see them fitting in perfectly in summer 2013 clubland. Musically, the track is a selection of tough beats, thought House basslines and tough leads, all tempered by silky smooth production and morphed into a noir Pop song by Sian’s croon. Most of the reMixes come straight out of the Kosheen camp. Well, if you’ve got that many alter egos, why not?  Mark and Darren in their guise as Kosheen DJs deliver a rugged UK House track the loads itself with abrasive riffs swirling, spacious, synth growls but overall eschews a gritty sound in favour of  bringing a hypnotic tone to the track. The alter-ego that first brought Mark and Darren to our attention, that of Drum & Bass legends Decoder & Substance lend the single a distorted, bass heavy, Dubby vibe, with hints of Experimental and Industrial leanings. Their reMix draws you in with it’s relentless cloud of noise, pulsating synths and hammered purcussion. We would kinda’ say that Harder They Fall is a return to form for Kosheen, but honestly, they have never wavered from excellence. It is, however, an awesome single.

♫ Kosheen – Harder They Fall (Radio Edit)

♫ Kosheen – Harder They Fall (Kosheen DJs reMix)

♫ Kosheen – Harder They Fall (Decoder & Substance reMix)

Kosheen’s Harder They Fall is released 25th November.

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AlunaGeorge’s ‘Your Drums, Your Love’


Your Drums, Your Love is the new track from London’s off-beat, Avant-Pop duo AlunaGeorge. Expect more of the ‘90’s R&B inspired experimental Pop that we’ve come to love from these two.

A hazy, Dub heavy, track. Your Drums, Your Love brings the heavy subs and vocal samples to play against Aluna’s sweet vocals, and their catchy ElectroPop hook. Your Drums, Your Love, the twosome’s next single, is easily the best track they have released since the incredible Analyser from last year. Not that their releases in-between haven’t been excellent, they have, but this new single, and Analyser are the bands real standouts. Your Drums, Your Love is a funky, bass heavy, three and a half minutes of beauty in darkness.

♫ AlunaGeorge – Your Drums, Your Love

AlunaGeorge’s Your Drums, Your Loveis released 7th October.

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