Chad Valley reMixes Mausi


Three out of the four time was have features Newcastle Indie-Electro crew Mausi has been for their track Sol., they are certainly milking this track for every inch of mileage it holds. A dangerous tactic to be sure, coasting a whole year on one track, regardless of how good it is, has a chance of people burning out on it. Anyhoo, next in line to drop a reMix of the track is Oxford’s Chillwave don Chad Valley. His reMix, along with the original, is apparently getting released, again, next month.

On the upside, however, Chad works his lush, evocative electronic magic on the track. A swirling, comforting, wash of gentle synth sounds and relaxing percussion with a slight R&B flavour. In the kind of heatwave we in the UK are having right now, you just don’t want to do anything, Chad’s rEMix kinda’ give you an excuse. Just chill for a while with this tune.

♫ Mausi – Sol. (Chad Valley reMix)

Chad Valley’s reMix of Sol. is released 6th August.

Buy Mausi’s music from:


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