Pinemarten’s new EP


Derbyshire based producer Pinemarten is back with a brand new EP. He’s been a bit quiet since January when he released his Here It Is EP. We’re glad to see he hasn’t been sitting on his laurels, the man is preparing for the release of his new EP I Can See.

Here’s the title track, what we are treated to here is more of Pinemarten’s not-quit- Chillwave, chilly ElectroPop. Driven by a thick digital Funk bassline and, whilst the sound is somewhat bigger than on the previous releases, the laid back vibe still remains. Full of sweeping synths and a reverb washed electronic soundscape, I Can See casts a slightly more imposing shadow that Pinemarten has before, but his floaty, emotional vocals keep the tune in that dreamlike Disco mode we loved the first time and there’s some beautiful soloing toward the end. ElectroPop for chilled summer evenings. Check it out.

Pinemarten – I Can See

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