Synth Records team up with Nooka for compilation


Brooklyn based SynthWave producer TEEEL is hooking up with New York design house Nooka, and bringing Aimes and the rest of the Synth Records crew along for the ride. They are all bringing you a free 13 track album, to be released three tracks at a time over the next few weeks.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what, or who, a Nooka was. Apparently they are a fashion design company that mostly does watches and accessories. They do some nice stuff to, retro futuristic style. Which makes the the perfect brand partners for Synth Records, who continue that retro future vibe into their music. The 13 track compilation, Noozik, kicks off this week with the first three tunes including these two from TEEEL and Aimes, who both offer up suitably Sci-Fi slices of SynthWave and Chillwave respectively. All of Synth Records output tends to fall in the ‘pretty awesome’ category, so a 13 track compilation should be a treat. The three tracks a week thing is a bit annoying though.

TEEEL – Nooka Radio

Aimes – Nooka Theme

You can find all the downloads here, a page to keep an eye on for the rest of the album.

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