Future Unlimited’s new track


Future Unlimited are a Nashville based Indie-Electro, verging in ElectroPop, with a Chillwave outlook, duo who we’ve written about a few times in these inches. Their EP, EP, released earlier this year was a masterclass in floaty retro Dreampop and now the twosome is back with a new tune, Lightweight Eyes, that further cements their reputation as purveyors of vintage emotional dance greatness.

Lightweight Eyes is probably up their with their best track to date, Golden, a multi-layered, swirling track. A Dreamwavey retro ElectroPop track washed with Chillwave’s reverb sounds more contemporary that you’d think. This tune shines, everything about it is shimmering and bright, but in soft focus. The hazy synths blend and evolve together like a nostalgic dream, instantly confortable but somehow distant,  while the vocals dance around, weaving in and out of the song. There’s an almost shoegaze quality to this track, except it’s far too dancefloor friendly to be truly ‘gazey. This, more Electro direction,  definitely has us eager for more from Future Unlimited.

Future Unlimited – Lightweight Eyes

You can download Lightweight Eyes for free miniscule price of a tweet here. Cheap!

Future Unlimited’s EP is out now.

Buy Future Unlimited’s music from:

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