Young Empires


Young Empires are a post-punk Electro band who hail from Toronto who made quite a stir on the discerning Indie blogs with their first track ‘Rain Of Gold’

We’re loving their second track ‘Glory Of The Night’, It’s a strange meeting of 80’s Electro Hip-Hop 808 beats and moody Indie-Electro with a hint of guitar. Dark, heavy, synths drive the track making the chant-like vocals seem like they are dragged along in the tide. Maybe it’s the 808’s, but despite the brooding sound to the song there is something hopeful about it.

Robert Ellingson, Jake Palahnuk, and Matthew Vlahovich have to potential to be something of a Canadian HURTS!

Young Empires – Glory Of The Night (Demo.) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Check out more of Young Empires music over on their MySpace.

Young Empires @ MySpace

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