[MP3] French Horn Rebellion’s ‘Girls’

French Horn Rebellion

Not content with leaving it at just Poster Girls, New York duo French Horn Rebellion, even the inclusionists are now releasing a tribute to all Girls. Helped along the way by JD Samson, from Le Tigre & MEN, and rapper Fat Tony, French Horn Rebellion pull out all the stops to get the party started right here.

The new single a fun, feel good, tune with a laid back, but heavy, vibe. Rocking a bassline you can’t help but move to. Punchy synth stabs rub shoulders with  fleeting strings and a rolling electric piano riff in a multi layer tune where French Horn rebellion’s vocals are complimented by Samson and a breakdown from Fat Tony. Summery  and infectious, Girls will undoubtedly put a smile on your face.

French Horn Rebellion (Feat. JD Samson And Fat Tony) – Girls

French Horn Rebellion’s Girls is released 5th March.

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