Young Empires reMixed by ¡borracho!

Young Empires ‘Exit Through The Sun’ is the tune to reMix of the moment, so your version has to be something special to stand out from the crowd. ¡borracho! new mix does just that.

Rocking an amazingly infectious digital slap bassline at it’s core, this reMix is a melting pot of melodies and riffs that might not have worked together, but in ¡borracho! skilful hands the whole track flows together effortlessly. It’s quite an abrasive track, which is odd considering the tunefulness of it’s composite parts, but this just adds to the driving energy of the tune. This is a track for late night darkened dancefloors.

Young Empires – Enter Through The Sun (¡borracho! reMixx)

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