Visitor’s ‘Coming Home’


It was only this time last week that we first got our ears ‘round one of the tracks from London based ElectroPop outfit Visitor’s long awaited new double A-side single Coming Home/RNB. Now, having had seven days to digest the awesome RNB, we are treated to the flip side, Coming Home.

Instantly recognisable to anyone who’s seen Visitor live as that big anthemic bit in their set, or any one who’s heard Lifelike’s reMix in his June 2011 mixtape or in the June 2011 edition of Fear Of Tigers’ The Guestlist. Coming Home kinda of sums up what we’re all waiting for in new Visitor material, and why anyone who knows Visitor is this excited about the new material. It’s big, heartfelt ElectroPop, with a nice splash of New Wave guitar and Diamond Cuts impeccable Dreamwave production. It that kind of rousing track that you can’t help but sing-a-long to. Inspirational and uplifting, there is a reason when you see Visitor live it’s this track that sticks in your mind. In a weird way it reminds us a bit of Shiny Toy Guns, before they were a Rock band, Visitor have captured that epic, majestic, uplifting wall of sound perfectly. reMixes on the single comes from Lifelike, Viceroy, FM Attack, Bestrack, SymbolOne, Vanguard, Easy D and more.

♫ Visitor – Coming Home

Visitor’s Coming Home/RNB is released soon.

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