[Audio] Duett reMixes Kill Me Softly’s ‘Blue Lights’


Kill Me Softly

Kill Me Softly the slick collaboration between Nude Disco’s Verne and Paul Harris from Paul Harris. October 2013 saw them initially impress us with their debut single Catch featuring Jane Elizabeth Hanley from Kids At Midnight. It’s been a long time coming but this week finally sees the release of the follow up single and a host of associated remixes. The track features vocals from London based singer/songwriter Sam Obernik and is titled Blue Lights. Pride of place on the remix collection ghost of this track premièring right here. Check out some sterling work from Duett, alter-ego of the one and only Ben Macklin.

Original of blue lights is a jaunty and nostalgic slice of buoyant ElectroPop, with a cheeky, almost Post-punk vocal feel. Duett smooths down the tracks spiky edges with his own smooth brand of laid back Dreamwave. Ben’s duet sound, exceedingly 80s soft focus synths and slow crashing waves of rich vintage keys works perfectly with the early 80s vocal Style. Lovely stuff lazy days in the sun.

♫ Kill Me Softly (Feat. Sam Obernik) – Blue Lights (Duett reMix)

♫ Kill Me Softly (Feat. Sam Obernik) – Blue Lights (Radio Edit)

.Kill Me Softly’s Blue Lights is out now.

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[Audio] Dirty Vegas cover Duran Duran’s ‘Save A Prayer’


Dirty Vegas

So we made a decision not to cover tunes that were released while we were on holiday. There was as surprising heap of awesome tunes in the past few weeks and we just haven;t got the time to write about all of them, but this little gem unleashed just before X-Mas as a freebie, and soon to be getting a full reMix package released via d:vision Records, is too good to pass over. It’s dancefloor legends Dirty Vegas thank you to their fans for the support in 2014 in the form of a cover of Duran Duran’s monster 1982 hit Save A Prayer.

Paul and Steve have injected the tune with their instantly recognisable brand of soulful House vibes and Balearic groove; which goes surprisingly well with the song. In a way, Rio era Duran Duran was the original Tropical Dance Pop so it’s no surprise that this translates so well to a summertime floorfiller. The original’s riff have been morphed into a hands-in-the-air chord progression but the enigmatic island atmosphere remains. A beautiful coming together of new and old.

♫ Dirty Vegas – Save A Prayer (Duran Duran Cover)

Dirty Vegas’ Save A Prayer is out soon.

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[Audio] Ben Macklin and Tobtok reMix Kill Me Softly &Jane Elizabeth Hanley’s ‘Catch’


Jane Elizabeth Hanley

It was back in October last year we first featured Kill Me Softly’s Catch. The duo, a collaboration between Nude Disco’s Vern, Dirty VegasPaul Harris’ début track featured on the Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1 compilation and now it’s set for it’s own single release, with a storming reMix package. Featuring the vocals of our very own Jane Elizabeth Hanley from Kids At Midnight, the single comes correct with mixes from Kids At Midnight herself, Ben Macklin and Tobtok, check out the latter two below.

Cassette Club’s Mr. Macklin revels in Jane’s sweet vocal and goes full shimmering nostalgia. Layered with bouncy bass and twinkling keys, Ben’s reMix takes you on a dreamlike journey on the dancefloor, surrounded by punchy synths airy pads that lift the track up to the stars. Pure retro synth Disco bliss. Young Swedish producer Tobtok’s take on the leans more toward the funky side of things. With cheeky Disco licks and Tropical percussion, Tobtok whips up a cosmic beach party groove that’ll have you reaching for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. Some prefect soundtracks to your summer right here.

♫ Kill Me Softly (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) – Catch (Ben Macklin reMix)

♫ Kill Me Softly (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) – Catch (Tobtok reMix)

Kill Me Softly’s Catch, is released 16th June.

Check out more from Kill Me Softly on SoundCloud.

[Audio] Grum reMixes Dirty Vegas’ ‘Setting Sun’


Dirty Vegas

We’ve been a bit busy recently and might have overlooked writing about the new single from the amazing Dirty Vegas. Setting Sun sees the boys treading classic Dirty Vegas territory with a blissful Balearic groove and utterly euphoric, carefree vibes. Good stuff that gets even better when you inject healthy done of Mr. Grum into the mix.

Grum seems to capture everything we love about Dirty Vegas perfectly, whilst twisting it slightly to match his own music personality. What that means is you get the dreamy, sunset, House tinged ElectroPop that Dirty Vegas do so well; that hazy dance feel that carries you away with it, paired with Grum nostalgic powerhouse post-Dreamwave House. Delivering a massive dance tune that feels close and personal, Dirty Vegas and Grum seem like the perfect pairing.

♫ Dirty Vegas – Setting Sun (Grum reMix)

Dirty Vegas’ Setting Sun is out now.

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[Video] Dirty Vegas’ ‘Let The Night’


Dirty Vegas  Let The Night  Official Music Video   YouTube

The almighty Dirty Vegas are back on fine form with their first new track since 2011’s Electric Love album. Let The Night recaptures the Dirty Vegas sound of old, slick, hazy ElectroPop over storming dance beats. Get this on repeat.

Check out the video, if this dude can get dancing, what’s stopping you?

Dirty Vegas’ Let The Night is out now.

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[Audio] Kill Me Softly & Jane Elizabeth Hanley’s ‘Catch’



You may recall, at the start of the month we let you know about a great new compilation from a great new record label. Nude Disco is now one of London’s top club nights, a production outfit AND a record label and to kick off their label venture they self-released the Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1 compilation album. That Nude Disco & Friends record is now getting a general release with the Beatport edition coming with three exclusive tracks, the most exciting coming from Kill Me Softly, a collaboration between Nude Disco’s Vern, Dirty Vegas’ Paul Harris and our very own Jane Elizabeth Hanley from Kids At Midnight.

Catch is a bright, sparkling, Poppy Nu-Disco track. Prepare yourself for one of those choruses that’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of the week. Thick with a sweet pumping bass and a broad selection of breezy keys, Vern and Paul whip up a top quality DiscoPop track with a comfortable poolside vibe. It’s to this mix that Jane injects a passionate performance. Heartfelt vocals that manage to be both touching and a massive earworm. It may not be summer anymore, but re-capture the vibes with this one.

♫ Kill Me Softly (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) – Catch

Nude Disco & Friends’ Nude Disco Selections Vol. 1 goes on general release on 4th November, until then you can pick up the album (minus the bonus tracks) on Bandcamp.

Buy Nude Disco & Friends’ music from:

Nude Disco & Paul Harris reMix Donna Lewis

Donna Lewis

OK, if there’s two things you know le love ‘round these parts it’s cheesy Pop and Disco, and London’s Nude Disco is fast becoming our go-to guy for slick combinations of the two. Especially when teaming up with Dirty Vegas’ Paul Harris. Remember Donna LewisI Love You Always Forever? Prepare to get funky with it.

Vern and Paul grab a hint Italo, a little of the Balearic, a sprinkle of Nu-Disco and mix it up with pitch perfect use of the vocals to create an instantly recognisable, but funky fresh, summer jam. An upbeat beach vibe and some dreamy swooping synths keep the track on the edge of blissful with the vocals chanted out like a mantra, it’s almost hypnotic.

Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever (Nude Disco & Paul Harris reMix)

Buy Donna Lewis’ music from:


Dirty Vegas Vs. Penguin Prison


Just out is Dirty Vegas’ ‘Little White Doves’ single from their recent ‘Electric Love’ album. We already dropped the Visitor reMix a while back and alongside that and tracks from Nightriders, Blonde Rocka and Ladytron, Indie-ElectroPopper Penguin Prison contributes to the package.

PP goes all epic 80’s soundtrack rock meets deep House tune for his take on the tune. The anthemic vocals and rousing retro sound counterpointed with low down Acid burbling and a hypnotic groove. Dirty Vegas have returned the favour by contributing to the (now massive) collection of reMixes of Penguin Prison’s ‘Fair Warning’ who work their sunrise House magic on the song with a nice subtle Balearic feel to it.

♫ Dirty Vegas – Little White Doves (Penguin Prison reMix)

Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Dirty Vegas reMix)

‘Little White Doves’ is taken from the ‘Electric Love’ album, the single out now.

Buy Dirty Vegas’ music from:

Dirty Vegas reMixed by Visitor

Dirty Vegas rank as legends in my book, one of the saviours of vocal House and by-proxy ElectroPop. At a time when the Tiëstos of this world ruled they were laying down smooth, emotive tracks.

Vulture Music’s highly talented ElectroPop act Visitor will be just one of the stunning line up of reMixers on their forthcoming ‘Little White Doves’ single. Alongside the likes of Ladytron, Penguin Prison, Nightriders and Blonde Rocka, Visitor bring their own brand of, almost atmospheric, ElectroPop to the tune creating quite an emotional experience and some definite hands-in-the-air moments.

♫ Dirty Vegas – Little White Doves (Visitor reMix)

‘Little White Doves’ is taken from the ‘Electric Love’ album, the single is coming soon.

Buy Dirty Vegas’ music from:


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Dirty Vegas’s new single (+ Cassette Club reMix!)

I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Dirty Vegas, sure they can be a bit hit and miss but they were doing the whole House meets ElectroPop thing back when most of the modern proponents of the style were waving glowsticks around.

Their new single ‘Electric Love’ is defiantly a Dirty Vegas hit. It’s dirty and gritty and has got a groove from hell. It show’s Dirty Vegas haven’t been sitting on their hands when it comes to sounding fresh. Incorporating hint of Disco and Electro into their sound has done wonders to rejuvenate their sound, they’re back and sounding better than ever! They’ve also picked the amazing Cassette Club to reMix the single. The London ElectroPop duo turn in a typically brilliant track that is probably the standout of the reMix package. With a little of their Nu-Disco sound ‘Electric Love’ is elevated into a killer, must have, tune.

Dirty Vegas – Electric Love (Cassette Club reMix)

Dirty Vegas – Electric Love

‘Electric Love drops 26th April on OM Records.

Dirty Vegas @ Beatport

Dirty Vegas @ Juno

Dirty Vegas @ 7Digital

Dirty Vegas @ Amazon

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