Visitor’s ‘RNB’


After literally months and months of waiting we finally have our first taste of the forthcoming album from London based ElectroPop duo Visitor. Visitor first crashed onto the scene in 2010 with the stunning Los Feeling single and since then we have been eagerly awaiting more, but apart from a handful of reMixes and some energetic live shows we have been left wanting. News of their album surfaces occasionally but with the recently announced new double A-side single Coming Home/RNB we have some concrete new tunes.

RNB is our first full listen to what the new material holds, and it was well worth the wait. A blissful slice of ElectroPop with an epic, cinematic quality. Produced by one of the best in the game, Diamond Cut, Visitor’s unofficial third member, RNB sweeps you along with Lucas and Kyle’s dreamlike washes of undulating synths and shimmering leads and a soaring, impassioned vocal. reMixes on the single comes from Lifelike, Viceroy, FM Attack, Bestrack, SymbolOne, Vanguard, Easy D and more. We’re so glad Visitor are back in the game! Pull your finger out Vulture Music, release that album!

♫ Visitor – RNB

Visitor’s Coming Home/RNB is released soon.

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