Visitor reMixed by Viceroy


Generally we don’t like to be all smug music writers and go on about how we get records before you grubby lot do, but in this case we kinda’ have to quickly mention that we have Visitor’s forthcoming double A-side single package, Coming Home/RNB, and it’s amazing. An easy contender for one of the releases of the year and loaded with reMixes so good it’s hard to pick a favourite. This Viceroy reMix is just one of the all killer tracks on the single.

San Francisco’s Viceroy is in good company amongst Lifelike, FM Attack, Bestrack and SymbolOne. Their reMix may be the funkiest, and most energetic. Coming Home is a true anthem anyway, and Viceroy takes that and runs with it.  This is a real peak time track, working Visitor’s epic vocals into a track that is pure dancefloor joy. Rapid fire arpeggios, pin-point sharp melodies and synth pads that ring out couple with a couple rich organ drops that just accentuate the power of the track when it kicks back in. This release really is all killer, no filler. I can’t wait for you lot to hear it.

Visitor – Coming Home (Viceroy reMix)

Visitor’s Coming Home/RNB is released 10th September.

Buy Visitor’s music from:

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