[Audio] Lovestarrs’ ‘Life Is A Bitch’



ElectroPop troopers Lovestarrs are gearing up the release of their first proper EP. Due out soon the Supernova EP follows the single Get Your Sexy On and a couple of free downloads since their metamorphosis from The Good Natured late last year. The lead track of the forthcoming release is Life Is A Bitch, check it out.

As you might expect from the title, Life Is A Bitch is generally about how shitty life can be. Pretty morose subject matter for a song, but Lovestarrs manage to turn the depressing topic into a jaunty, slightly tropical, Pop tune. Musically it’s dead optimistic, loaded with thick synths and a catchy hook that flows to an island flavour, which makes the whole thing deliciously tongue-in-cheek; and decidedly British. While you’re here check out Lovestarrs last free download, Dukes Up, which we forgot to post, ‘cos stuff.

♫ Lovestarrs – Life Is A Bitch

Lovestarrs – Dukes Up

Lovestarrs’ Supernova EP is out soon.

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[Download] Lovestarrs’ ‘Stupid Cupid’



It’s only been a matter of days since the amazing The Good Natured burst back into our lives, rebranded as Lovestarrs, with their début single, Get Your Sexy On. Now, in time for Valentine’s Day, they deliver this new song, for free no less, the fitting Stupid Cupid.

Yet another glimpse of what to expect from Lovestarrs in the future, this shimmering slice of 80s Pop come complete with a slap bass that would be right at home on Top Of The Pops that plays against big power ballad drums. The whole thing doesn’t sound trite though, it sounds like a festival grade Indie anthem; with Sarah’s vocals showing off that cutting, dark, wit that we love her for. SynthPop haven.

Lovestarrs – Stupid Cupid

Lovestarrs’ Get Your Sexy On is released 31st March.

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[Audio] Lovestarrs’ ‘Get Your Sexy On’



Rising from the ashes of the wonderful The Good Natured, whose long awaited début album was held hostage by their major label, comes Lovestarrs. Frankly, why their label dropped then and kept the album is beyond us, that record could have been huge, there’s no understanding some people, and some peoples taste. Maybe it didn’t fit in to their plans for this year’s ‘rock resurgence’? Ahahahahaha.

Get Your Sexy On, Lovestarrs’ première single will no doubt show them what they are missing. An Indie-Electro anthem that’s bigger than anything The Good Natured released. Taking queues from stadium ElectroPop, summer US Indie, even Acid House, the track is a bombastic, feel good, Pop epic with some big sing-a-long vocals from Sarah amidst a sea of burbling synths and subtle wall-of-sound guitars. the sound of the summer?

♫ Lovestarrs – Get Your Sexy On

Lovestarrs’ Get Your Sexy On is released 31st March.

Check out more from Lovestarrs on SoundCloud.

[Video] The Good Natured’s ‘Lovers’


The Good Natured   Lovers   YouTube

Here’s the video for The Good Natured’s new single Lovers, which we’ve already gushed about so go read that here.

It’s a fun clip, with The Good Natured hanging out in London and doing…stuff. It makes a change from their usual, more dramatic, fare.

The Good Natured’s new album, Prism, is out soon.

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[MP3] The Good Natured’s ‘Lovers’


The Good Natured

The ever awesome The Good Natured has just shared a track from her forthoming, and pretty long awaited, début album, which will be titled Prism. The new reveal, a track called Lovers, is one of the most pitch-perfect three minutes of 80s Pop we’ve heard in a long long time.

Absolutely, unashamedly 80s, Lovers. From the opening New Wave bass notes you transported to memories of dry-ice fuelled Top Of The Pops appearances and teen movie montages, and by the time the big chorus hits you’re all the way there. Aside from the rolling bassline that give the track it’s personality, you’ll be treated to metallic, reverby, retro synths, warm pads and Sarah’s vocals sounding as passionate as ever. Did we mention how authentically, effortlessly, 80s this sounded? It’s almost eerie. Can’t wait for the album.

The Good Natured – Lovers

The Good Natured’s Prism is out soon.

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[Video] The Good Natured’s ‘5-HT’

Released tomorrow is The Good Natured new Indie-Rave epic, to coincide with the track dropping, the video has just premièred.

It’s an exuberant affair, fitting for the track, with a decedent edge. It’s like the evil twin of a John Lewis X-Mas advert.

The Good Natured’s 5-HT is released tomorrow with reMixes from Kat Krazy, Ghostwerk remix and Sarah’s cover of Fine Young Cannibals’ She Drives Me Crazy.

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[Audio] The Good Natured’s ‘5-HT’

The Good Natured

Well, it looks like The Good Natured is finally on her way to releasing her début album. It’s been quite a road, and one that has been a pleasure to watch,  Sarah (without wanting to sound pretentious) has done it properly. No flash-in-the-pan success or unnatural blog hype. The Good Natured’s rise has been build on hard work and developing a fan base at a sustainable rate. In advance of the album comes a new EP 5-HT, named after the chemical in the brain that releases serotonin, and it’s a bit mental.

The Good Natured goes Rave. that’s what’s going on here, proper Old School breakbeat and orchestral stab Rave. In the choruses at least. What 5-HT does is neatly mix-up Sarah’s introspective Indie-Electro with big hands-in-the-air moments. Richard X was behind the desk for this tune, we’re not sure who the frantic drums and laser-light vibe is down to him or now, either way is a surprising, but amazing prelude of what’s to come.

♫ The Good Natured – 5-HT (Edit)

The Good Natured’s 5-HT is released March 10th 2013, reMixes from Kat Krazy, Ghostwerk remix and Sarah’s cover of Fine Young Cannibals’ She Drives Me Crazy.

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Vince Clarke & The Good Natured

The Good Natured

Amazing! That’s what we thought when we heard there was a collaboration between awesome dark ElectroPop princess The Good Natured and SynthPop legend (and if there is one man in the whole world who you can really use the words SynthPop legend in conjunction with, it’s him!) Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure & The Assembly fame. Can it really be as good as he sum of it’s parts?

Ghost Train is certainly something special. It’s a modern update on that particular early 80’s SynthPop sound, juxtaposing the deadpan and the epic within the track. Sarah slips between the robotic and the anthemic, which just the smallest nod to contemporary Pop. Under which Vince works his classic SynthPop magic. Buzzing synths cut through the mix alongside pads that really capture the mood of the track and the lyrical content. We’re not sure where this collaboration is going, but we’d definitely like to see an EP at least.

Vince Clarke & The Good Natured – Ghost Train (Vox Mix)

They have also collaborated on anew mixtape, you can here is here.

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The Good Natured reMixed by Adrian Lux


Almost as a companion peice to Adrian Lux’s ‘Alive’ featuring The Good Natured, here he is reMixing The Good Natured’s new single ‘Video Voyeur’.

It’s got all the elements we loved about ‘Alive’, Sarah’s unique vocals seeming to add a new dimension to Lux’s Electro-House sounds, which would normally come across full of cheese. Here he get’s even more full-on Ibiza, and whilst not quite ad good as their previous collaboration, Lux’s rEMix of ‘Video Voyeur’ is still a big, confusing but wonderful, peak time tune.

The Good Natured – Video Voyeur (Adrian Lux reMix)

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Adrian Lux & The Good Natured’s ‘Alive’ video

Here’s the video for Adrian Lux and The Good Natured’s strangely epic ‘Alive’.

Still can’t get over how the mere addition of Sarah’s vocals make the cheesy Ibiza riffs sound good. This track is going to be huge. The video starts off pretty standard retro lighting clip and ends up Sci-Fi weird-out.

The ‘Alive’ single is out now with a reMix package featuring Albin Myers, Blende and Adrian Lux & Style Of Eye to follow.

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