[Download] Lovestarrs’ ‘Stupid Cupid’



It’s only been a matter of days since the amazing The Good Natured burst back into our lives, rebranded as Lovestarrs, with their début single, Get Your Sexy On. Now, in time for Valentine’s Day, they deliver this new song, for free no less, the fitting Stupid Cupid.

Yet another glimpse of what to expect from Lovestarrs in the future, this shimmering slice of 80s Pop come complete with a slap bass that would be right at home on Top Of The Pops that plays against big power ballad drums. The whole thing doesn’t sound trite though, it sounds like a festival grade Indie anthem; with Sarah’s vocals showing off that cutting, dark, wit that we love her for. SynthPop haven.

Lovestarrs – Stupid Cupid

Lovestarrs’ Get Your Sexy On is released 31st March.

Check out more from Lovestarrs on SoundCloud.

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