[Audio] Lovestarrs’ ‘Get Your Sexy On’



Rising from the ashes of the wonderful The Good Natured, whose long awaited début album was held hostage by their major label, comes Lovestarrs. Frankly, why their label dropped then and kept the album is beyond us, that record could have been huge, there’s no understanding some people, and some peoples taste. Maybe it didn’t fit in to their plans for this year’s ‘rock resurgence’? Ahahahahaha.

Get Your Sexy On, Lovestarrs’ première single will no doubt show them what they are missing. An Indie-Electro anthem that’s bigger than anything The Good Natured released. Taking queues from stadium ElectroPop, summer US Indie, even Acid House, the track is a bombastic, feel good, Pop epic with some big sing-a-long vocals from Sarah amidst a sea of burbling synths and subtle wall-of-sound guitars. the sound of the summer?

♫ Lovestarrs – Get Your Sexy On

Lovestarrs’ Get Your Sexy On is released 31st March.

Check out more from Lovestarrs on SoundCloud.

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