[Audio] The Good Natured’s ‘5-HT’

The Good Natured

Well, it looks like The Good Natured is finally on her way to releasing her début album. It’s been quite a road, and one that has been a pleasure to watch,  Sarah (without wanting to sound pretentious) has done it properly. No flash-in-the-pan success or unnatural blog hype. The Good Natured’s rise has been build on hard work and developing a fan base at a sustainable rate. In advance of the album comes a new EP 5-HT, named after the chemical in the brain that releases serotonin, and it’s a bit mental.

The Good Natured goes Rave. that’s what’s going on here, proper Old School breakbeat and orchestral stab Rave. In the choruses at least. What 5-HT does is neatly mix-up Sarah’s introspective Indie-Electro with big hands-in-the-air moments. Richard X was behind the desk for this tune, we’re not sure who the frantic drums and laser-light vibe is down to him or now, either way is a surprising, but amazing prelude of what’s to come.

♫ The Good Natured – 5-HT (Edit)

The Good Natured’s 5-HT is released March 10th 2013, reMixes from Kat Krazy, Ghostwerk remix and Sarah’s cover of Fine Young Cannibals’ She Drives Me Crazy.

Buy The Good Natured’s music from:

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