Adrian Lux featuring The Good Natured

The Good Natured

Adrian Lux  has created beast of many faces with his new track alongside The Good Natured.

On the one hand ‘Alive’ is a big progressive monster that veers into Ibiza hands-in-the-air territory. Which seems at total odds with Sara’s often dark, moody, impassioned vocal style and lyrical content. But y’know what? They’ve made it work and the end result is actually pretty powerful. Sure, the lead sound in the chorus is ultimate cheese, but by the second time it comes around you’ll be pumping your fist in the air with the best of them.

♫ Adrian Lux (Feat. The Good Natured) – Alive

The ‘Alive’ single is out now with a reMix package featuring Albin Myers, Blende and Adrian Lux & Style Of Eye to follow.

Buy Adrian Lux’s music from:


2 comments on “Adrian Lux featuring The Good Natured

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