[Download] Starsmith reMixes Betty Who’s ‘Somebody Loves You’


Betty Who

So, what’s Starsmith been up to since Clockwork? Well, amongst other things, one of the UK’s finest producers have turned-in this shockingly good reMix of Australian New York resident Betty Who’s track Somebody Loves You, from her recent The Movement EP. The rising Pop star already had a strong line in catchy tunes, the addition of Starsmith’s dancefloor friendly sounds makes is a combination hard to resist.

We’ve previously seem a whole collection of reMixes of Somebody Loves You, including a storming mix from FM Attack. Whereas FM Attack went straight for the 80s jugular, Starsmith comes down of his version with the full force of Disco. An energetic, upbeat, cavalcade of grinding synth bass, sparking keys, and Betty’s chameleon vocals that seem to lend themselves perfectly to whatever music is playing, in this case take on the guise of a big dancefloor anthem. Starsmith’s production is, as ever, impeccable. Which is why he’s off producing famous types these days, we love his floorfillers though.

Betty Who – Somebody Loves You (Starsmith reMix)

Betty Who’s The Movement EP is out now.

Buy Betty Who’s music from:


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