[MP3] FM Attack reMixes Betty Who


Betty Who

Boston’s resident Australian Indie-ElectroPop princess Betty Who has just released a reMix collection honouring her single Somebody Loves You. The packages is the result of a reMix competition, and, although we normally like to steer clear of those, of note here is the winner was none other than Canadian SynthWaver extraordinaire FM Attack, and rightly so his reMix leads the release.

FM Attack works his magic here. The original is an upbeat, guitar and synth fuelled slice of raucous Pop which we see here transformed into a spacey, impassioned, retro synth monster. The combination of FM Attack’s nostalgic synthesizer wizardry and Betty Who’s catchy refrain results in perfect 80s Pop. The maths is simple, add these two things together and you have every element needed to deliver a tune that, even when hearing it for the first time, feels recognisable and comfortable. I’m not sure if Betty Who was trying to come across like an 80s Popstar when she originally recorded the track, but in FM Attack’s hands that’s exactly the persona her vocals takes on. With chiming keys and a bouncy bassline, FM Attack really knocks it out of the park with this mix. A well deserved win.

Betty Who – Somebody Loves You (FM Attack reMix)

Betty Who’s Somebody Loves You remix collection is out now.

Buy Betty Who’s music from:


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