Starsmith’s ‘Zeroes’


Fin is back in the house! And about time too! The UK’s finest ElectroPop producer Starsmith has dropped his first new original tune since Lesson One, this time last year, with only a couple of reMixes in-between. Sure he’s probably hunkered down in the studio with the next big thing in Pop, but since his album is in some kind of ridiculous limbo we should be happy we’re getting at lease something form it.

Zeroes is the big tune you expect it is. With a rolling synth bassline this track is pure Starsmith. Just the kind of thing you could imagine him putting together in one of those studio videos he used to do. All the trademarks of his style are present. The dense layering, the attention to detail, the command of a repeating, hypnotic, funky riff. Building and building toward the finale, Zeroes has so many awesome, intertwining, synth riffs you want to listen to it over and over again to hear every detail.

Starsmith – Zeroes

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