Show Your Shoe reMixes EP with Beaumont

Show Your Shoe’s recent ‘Technik City’ EP had had a reMix makeover.

‘Technik City Revisited’, currently a Juno exclusive, holds four versions of tracks from the original EP featuring work from Coupons, Flashworx, Mitch Torino and includings this version of ‘Jet Skiing’ by Beaumont. The man gets deep and dark with the rhythm section in a slow, brooding track that threatens to suffocate you but give you glimmers of hope with sparking lead lines and Disco licks. There really needs to be a genre name for Beaumont’s slowed down Disco and Dreamwave. DiscoStep? Dubwave? LOL

♫ Show Your Shoe – Technik City: Jet Skiing (Beaumont reMix)

‘Technik City’ and ‘Technik City Revisited’ are out now.

Buy Show Your Shoe’s music from:


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Cosmonaut Grechko’s new EP

Cosmonaut Grechko’s new EP, ‘Alaska 2100’ is out this week and is a pretty stunning electronic masterpiece.

Grechko hits the ground running with track one, ‘Singin’’, with Joywave, it’s the prefect meeting of Dreamwave and Indie-Electro, like a spaced-out-Disco Passion Pit. It’s catchy but still maintains a summery mellow groove. ‘All I Hear’ is up next with some help from She’s The Queen (I’m writing about She’s The Queen on a day other than Thursday, feels weird) that tasks Emily’s vocals out of the normal DancePop environment and slides them into some laid back, almost Chillwave, reverb washed Disco. As with ‘Singin’’, ‘All I hear’ is incredibly listenable, Grechko’s organ riffs intertwining with the big retro synths to create an intricate, yet effortlessly cool, jam. ‘Coloreye’ and the title track are both more tradition Disco fare, both mellow and upbeat, that show Grechko still has the skills to flat out rock the dancefloor and they lead into a selection of reMixes including these two by Electronic Rumors faves Show Your Shoe and Blue Satellite. Show Your Shoe takes on ‘All I Hear’ and proves why he’s the man to watch when it comes to smooth Electro-Funk cuts with some crazy Moog action while Blue Satellite turns ‘Singin’ into a massive upbeat DiscoPop track.

The ‘Alaska 2100’ EP shows a real maturing of Cosmonaut Grechko, musically. An evolution of his music that will surely place him at the forefront of Indie-Electro and Nu-Disco.

Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. Joywave) – Singin’ (Radio Edit)

♫ Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. She’s The Queen) – All I Hear

Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. Joywave) -Singin’ (Blue Satellite reMix)

♫ Cosmonaut Grechko (Feat. She’s The Queen) – All I Hear (Show Your Shoe reMix)

The ‘Alaska 2100 EP’ is out now:

Buy Cosmonaut Grechko’s music from:


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Show Your Shoe’s début EP

Show Your Shoe jumped into our consciousness with an awesome reMix contribution to Futurecop!’s ‘Dreams’ single, which made quite an impression, and this week he releases his début EP on Teenage Gang Records.

From the moment the opening track ‘Pandi’ kicks in, you have to wonder where this kid has been hiding. The one-man project of Swiss producer Nico Müller, Show Your Shoe effortlessly (and smoothly I might add) slides from one end of the Nu-Disco spectrum to the other, whether it’s the cut-up edits of ‘Pandi’, the slick synthesizer funk of ‘Azur Indigo Prisma Safran Marmor’ or ‘Technik City – Arrival’ or the more post-Daft Punk Electro leanings of ‘Technik City – Jet Skiing’, Nico’s clean production and ear for the groove easily make the ‘Technik City’ EP on of the most impressive Nu-Disco débuts to drop in a while.

The EP also includes two reMixes of ‘Technik City – Jet Skiing’, one from Italian DJ Gabriell, a bass heavy Italo-Disco workout and this track by another of our favourite new artists, Druma Kina, who turn in a really nice, arpeggio driven, retro synth mix which revels in it’s synth horns!

Show Your Shoe – Technik City – Jet Skiing (Druma Kina reMix)

The ‘Technik City’ EP is out now!

Show Your Shoe @ Teenage Gang Records

Show Your Shoe @ Beatport

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Binary Week: Futurecop! & Keenhouse’s Dreams

Wow, when two acts you love collaborate it’s always exciting, but sometimes they just go above and beyond your expectations.

I’ve been hammering Futurecop!’s first album ‘It’s Forever Kids’ since I imported it late last year (unfortunately it’s still not available outside of Japan yet), it’s truly one of the slickest and confident ElectroPop débuts I’ve heard in years. The production is crisp as hell and the uplifting 80’s inspired melodies and catchy riffs are pure infectious genius. Keenhouse, I think, was the first Binary act I encountered. Introduced to him through the Valerie collective, ‘Deep In The Forest’ was one of my favourite tracks on the ‘Valerie And Friends’ compilation and the whole of his ‘Civic Transit’ EP is a masterclass in melodic electronic Disco.

So, what happens when these to get together?

♫ Futurecop! (Feat. Keenhouse)- Dreams

That does!

Already, in my head, ‘Dreams’ is the soundtrack to summer 2011. The synth work is unmistakably Futurecop!, especially the intro, but with a more self assured sound. Couple that with Keenhouse’s verses full of longing and choruses full of hope and your have not only an anthem, a classic in the making, but also a track that seems to sum up completely what Dreamwave, what Binary, is all about. Musically a massive dancefloor tune that is also melodic and a proper song, a damn well written one at that and atmospherically aspirational with a hint of realism. Nostalgic for better times but with a down-to-earth approach.

Did I mention it’s funky as hell?

The reMix package is pretty mind-blowing too, featuring the cream of current producers! You can always rely on ODahl to drop some kicking Nu-Disco and here is no different as he wraps the song in soaring riffs and side-chaining while electronic rumors faves, the Ride The Universe crew take ‘Dreams’ to smooth new directions with a total feelgood Dreamwave track. Newcomer Show Your Shoe gets his first official reMix on this single, and really impresses with his début, a late night DiscoPop tune with a big nod to late 80’s R&B.

Futurecop! (Feat. Keenhouse) – Dreams (ODahl reMix)

Futurecop! (Feat. Keenhouse) – Dreams (Ride The Universe reMix)

♫ Futurecop! (Feat. Keenhouse) – Dreams (Show Your Shoe reMix)

‘Dreams’ is out today on Binary, go get it here, here, here or here, and stay tuned to electronic rumors for our profile and interview with Keenhouse, as part of our Binary week, tomorrow!

We will also be featuring an interview with Futurecop! next month as they prepare for the release of their ‘Starworshiper’ EP.

Futurecop! @ Beatport

Futurecop! @ Juno

Futurecop! @ 7Digital

Futurecop! @ Amazon

Keenhouse @ Beatport

Keenhouse @ Juno

Keenhouse @ 7Digital

Keenhouse @ Amazon

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