Show Your Shoe’s début EP

Show Your Shoe jumped into our consciousness with an awesome reMix contribution to Futurecop!’s ‘Dreams’ single, which made quite an impression, and this week he releases his début EP on Teenage Gang Records.

From the moment the opening track ‘Pandi’ kicks in, you have to wonder where this kid has been hiding. The one-man project of Swiss producer Nico Müller, Show Your Shoe effortlessly (and smoothly I might add) slides from one end of the Nu-Disco spectrum to the other, whether it’s the cut-up edits of ‘Pandi’, the slick synthesizer funk of ‘Azur Indigo Prisma Safran Marmor’ or ‘Technik City – Arrival’ or the more post-Daft Punk Electro leanings of ‘Technik City – Jet Skiing’, Nico’s clean production and ear for the groove easily make the ‘Technik City’ EP on of the most impressive Nu-Disco débuts to drop in a while.

The EP also includes two reMixes of ‘Technik City – Jet Skiing’, one from Italian DJ Gabriell, a bass heavy Italo-Disco workout and this track by another of our favourite new artists, Druma Kina, who turn in a really nice, arpeggio driven, retro synth mix which revels in it’s synth horns!

Show Your Shoe – Technik City – Jet Skiing (Druma Kina reMix)

The ‘Technik City’ EP is out now!

Show Your Shoe @ Teenage Gang Records

Show Your Shoe @ Beatport

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