Shook’s new single B-side


Really, if there is anyone in the world who is flying the flag for smooth grooves and slow jams, it’s Dutch keyboard wizard Shook. After over a month of us waiting for it, he’s finally released his new single, and here’s the B-Side, ‘Love For You’.

The A-Side is, of course, the amazing Ronika featuring ‘Distorted Love’ and ‘Love For You’ compliments that track perfectly. It’s a laid back example of Shook’s expertly arranged squelchy Moog Funk. ‘Love For You’ has an almost Yacht vibe to it, with a slick, chilled vocal track and more of Shook’s incredible playing (do I need to go on again about how Shook is probably the best actual musician working in Nu-Disco these days?). The track just conjures lazy summer days and beach vibes, there’s nothing about this track not to like. Definitely a secret weapon for the summer.

♫ Shook – Love For You

‘Distorted Love’/’Love For You’ is out now on Bandcamp, with other outlets coming soon.

Buy Shook’s music from:

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