[Audio] Shook’s ‘Tonight’



The Dutch music master Shook has dropped his final single release before his long awaited début album hits. The album is due later this spring, and this track, Tonight, give us a little insight as to what to expect. As usual it’s musically head and shoulder above most of his contemporaries.

The multi-instrumentalist in Shook shines thought in Tonight, it’s a sumptuous, Funk fuelled, juggernaut that works little guitar riffs, loaded slap bass and Shook’s beloved electric piano to ring every last drop of euphoric grove out of them. The muted riff gives the track a funky urgency that’s nicely counterpointed with the lazy piano and hazy vocoded vocals. Tonight will definitely stick in your head, maybe even until Shook’s album drops.

♫ Shook – Tonight

Shook’s Tonight is out now.

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