Shook’s ‘Summerheat’


Dutch musical genius Shook is at it again. Teaming up this time with American singer Pumashock, the Funkateer lays down his thick Moog Funk with sexy summer times in mind.

Just listening to this track is enough to get you sweaty, regardless of local climate. Pumashock’s sultry croon glides over Shook’s ‘70’s Funk. there is always something about shook’s musical talent that blows us away every track, this time it’s the piano as the Dutchman lets his fingers fly on the keys in a Jazzy solo that will leave your smiling. Add all that to Shook’s trademark thick synth bass and retro stabbing leads and you have one hot hot tune.

♫ Shook (Feat. Pumashock) – Summerheat

Summerheat is out now.

Buy Shook’s music from:

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