Shook reMixes Capital Cities


LA Indie-Dreamwave duo Capital Cities have become a bit of a mainstay here on electronic rumors in the last couple of years. We covered their latest single ‘Kangaroo Court’ back in March but now the EP is out it;s time to check out a reMix from one of the most musically talented Nu-Disco producers working today. Shook.

Shook channels all his ability into capturing the Funky side of Capital Cities home town. this is a huge slick of pure LA Funk and the Dutch producer works it like he was a native. this kind of pure groove is Shook at his best, it’s where his musicality is allows to shine though and it’s the reason people are lining up to work with him. The original’s upbeat Indie-Disco is reined in and told to ‘chill the fuck out’ resulting in some amazing, slick, west cost vibes. Thick Moogy basses and twisting Disco licks are the order of the day here.

Capital Cities – Kangaroo Court (Shook reMix)

‘Kangaroo Court’ is released this week on Lazy Hooks.

Check out more from Capital Cities on SoundCloud.

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