Shook & Ronika


How long have we been waiting for this? Both Shook and Ronika have been teasing this track for months. If this was service in a restaurant I would be asking to speak to the manager. But was it worth the wait? It;s Shook and Ronika…what do you think?

Shooks Moogy Disco is perfectly in-tune with the Ronika ethos. To be honest I can only think of a handful of other Nu-Disco producers who could do Ronika justice, and shook would probably be top of that list. Shook leaning toward ‘70’s Funk in his particular brand of Disco lines up well with Ronika’s late ‘70’s/early ‘80’s New York Disco vibe. It’s a match made in heaven basically. The track ‘Distorted Love’ is a slick, sexy little groover that is a great showcase both for Shooks lightning fingered synth playing that Herbie Hancock would be proud of and Ronika’s smokey, soulful voice. there’s some ace ‘70’s Disco drops in here too. That’s how you do a drop, not like these Brostep kids these days.

Shook (Feat. Ronika) – Distorted Love

‘Distorted Love’’s B-Side, ‘Love For You’ should be dropping soon and expect some pretty special things from Ronika in the coming months.

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Human Life’s ‘Don’t Fade Away’ with Shook & Kartell


Fresh from their team-up with Pelifics on ‘Can’t Promise Anything’ this week California based ElectroPop act Human Life release their new single on Vulture Music.

‘Don’t Fade Away’ is what Human Life do best. Summery, catchy ElectroPop with a feel good factor and a slight edge. Driven by piercing synths and call-and-response male & female vocals, ‘Don’t Fade Away’ is a pretty simple, stripped down version of SynthPop, but the simplicity really works and and allows the song to breathe. The consistently amazing Shook contributes a reMix to the single, brining his highly technical Nu-Disco to the table, creating a smooth jam that changes the mood of the vocals into something more relaxed and let’s Shooks musical talent shine. Kartell also chooses to drop a chilled groove,. There’s more of a beach vibe to this one, it’s ‘Don’t Fade Away’ tropical style.

♫ Human Life – Don’t Fade Away

♫ Human Life – Don’t Fade Away (Shook reMix)

♫ Human Life – Don’t Fade Away (Kartell reMix)

‘Don’t Fade Away’ is out now.

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Shook reMixes The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings

Dutch Funkmeister Shook’s latest reMix is of The Ting Tings’ forthcoming single ‘Hang It Up’.

It should be unsurprising by now, but Shooks version of the tune is pure Electro Boogie gold. Classic Moog-esque bass synths dance in and out of slap bass licks to create this funky, undulating undercurrent to the track, leaving room for vocal snatches and some of the most intricate, complex programming I have heard in ages. Shook continues to amaze.

♫ The Ting Tings – Hang It Up (Shook reMix)

‘Hang It Up ‘ is released 30th December

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Shook’s new EP


Dutch synth wizard Shook has just dropped his long awaited, second, five track EP, ‘Rise And Fall’

From the opening note and accompanying drone of ‘Through The Fire ‘ you’ll know one thing about this EP, it’s big, huge in fact. Busy P can call Justice’s new album “Stadium Disco” all he wants, to me, this is what “Stadium Disco” sounds like. Shook’s musicianship shines though as he takes on ‘80’s Electro Boogie effortlessly working his way through complex Funk basslines and soaring melodies. As the EP progresses it begins to chill a little, bringing out the smoother side of Shook’s music while still retaining the same huge scope. Even the intimate electric piano of ‘Hold Tight’ is more ambitious a track than many of it’s contemporaries. Elsewhere, such as on ‘Rise And Fall’, the EP sees Shook channelling everyone from Herbie Hancock to Daft Punk with Jazz, Disco, Electro Boogie, Funk, House & Electro all being drawn on to make this musical masterpiece. A Stunning second EP.

♫ Shook – Through The Fire

♫ Shook – Rise And Fall

♫ Shook – Hold Tight

‘Rise And Fall’ is available now digitally or on limited white vinyl via Bandcamp.

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New tune from Shook


Dutch Nu-Disco genius Shook is breaking out some smooth as hell Moog Funk in his new track ‘Hold Tight’.

Taken from his forthcoming new EP ‘The Rise & Fall’ which collects earlier tracks from Shook. Presumable most of his recent time has been taken up with churning out amazing reMix after amazing reMix, but ‘Hold Tight’ is the most recent of the bunch. With some sweet electric piano that brings the theme tune to ‘Taxi’ to mind set against a Disco beat and bouncy synth Funk bass you have a laid back Disco jam for hot summers in the city.

Shook – Hold Tight

‘The Rise & Fall’  is released on 7th November on Epicentre.

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Louis La Roché X Shook


And once again Shook rock it. reMixing Louis La Roché’s new tune ‘The Wall’ his laid back DiscoPop slides effortlessly into your brain.

One again Shook employs the Funk style Electric Piano with his beats to produce this smooth, chilled, late 70’s groove that works so well with his Disco basslines. It really is Shook’s playing that is the star of this reMix, I could easily listen to a whole album of his tinkling the ivories.

Louis La Roché – The Wall (Shook reMix)

The ‘Gimme Gimme’/‘The Wall’ single is out 19th September on Ever After Records.

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Shook reMixes Ronika


While we’re waiting for permission to play you all Fear Of Tigers stunning reMix of Ronika’s ‘Only Only’ this reMix of the flip side ‘In The City’ by the awesome Shook kinda’ crept up on us.

Shook’s smooth Disco and Funk chills out Ronika’s call-to-arms somewhat and turns it into an Electric Piano fuelled lazy Disco track, the prefect compliment to the original. The Dutch producer sure has a way with the keys.

Ronika – In The City (Shook reMix)

‘Only Only’/‘In The City’ is released 3rd October via Record Shop. You can pick up a free Ronika mixtape here.

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Shook reMixes Fallulah


Break out the Moog Funk, Dutch smooth Disco king Shook has reMixed Danish Indie-Pop singer Fallulah’s ‘I Lay My Head’.

This is the perfect track to ease you into the weekend. That thick synth bass has got the Funk so hard that it would get your head nodding even if you were in a neck brace. Add to that some sweet Disco licks some 70’s roller-rink lead lines and you’ve got yourself a heady summertime jam that slides across the dancefloor.

Fallulah – I Lay My Head (Shook reMix)

Fallulah’s ‘I Lay My Head’ is out now.

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Shook reMixes Kimbra


Kimbra’s ‘Cameo Lover’ tend to burrow itself into your brain whenever you hear it. Unfortunately we have now found a reason to start listening to it all over again, but fortunately that reason is a brand new reMix from Shook.

Shook brings the Funk big time, with deep bass and flourishing Moog lines running throughout. Stripping it original of it’s 60’s leanings Shook takes that ‘Puppet On A String’-esque, infections, chorus and re-moulds it into a summertime Disco anthem. Shook has a new EP in the pipeline, keep an eye out for that one.

Kimbra – Cameo Lover (Shook reMix)

Kimbra’s ‘Cameo Lover’ is out soon.

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Shook reMixes Penguin Prison

Shook just drops amazing reMix after amazing reMix!

This time he’s turned his attention to Penguin Prison’s current single ‘Multi-Millionaire’ and covers the track in his lavish synth Funk. Squelchy Moog basslines and sweet leads are front and centre with a stellar electric piano solo. ‘Multi-Millionaire’ was one of Penguin Prison’s most Disco’d tracks to date anyway, but Shook adds the Funk to the ElectroPop mix in a melting pot of smooth radness.

Penguin Prison – Multi-Millionaire (Shook reMix)

‘Multi-Millionaire’ is out now.

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