[MP3] Shook’s ‘Summer Heat’



Dutch Disco master (yes, master!) Shook is back with some big news and a free tune. The mans début album, which is a pretty long awaited release, is finished and to drop in August. To warm everyone up, Shook is giving away one of the album tracks, for one week only. The sumptuous Summer heat does just what it says on the tin, prepare for laid back sunshine vibes.

As I sit here writing about this tune, it’s a scorching 31°C in the UK and much of Summer Heat sounds like I feel (especially the bit about getting an ice cream!). It;s lazy funk bassline and wicked Disco licks merge together with thick Moogs  and a vintage beat to form a poolside, hot city nights, beach funk, summer good-times anthem for those who don’t care about moving too fast, as long as something’s going down. Strings, wailing synth solos and a smouldering vocal are all just the icing on the cake. Can’t wait for the album.

Shook – Summer Heat (Album Version)

Shook’s début album, is released 6th August.

Buy Shook’s music from:

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