Shook & Ronika


How long have we been waiting for this? Both Shook and Ronika have been teasing this track for months. If this was service in a restaurant I would be asking to speak to the manager. But was it worth the wait? It;s Shook and Ronika…what do you think?

Shooks Moogy Disco is perfectly in-tune with the Ronika ethos. To be honest I can only think of a handful of other Nu-Disco producers who could do Ronika justice, and shook would probably be top of that list. Shook leaning toward ‘70’s Funk in his particular brand of Disco lines up well with Ronika’s late ‘70’s/early ‘80’s New York Disco vibe. It’s a match made in heaven basically. The track ‘Distorted Love’ is a slick, sexy little groover that is a great showcase both for Shooks lightning fingered synth playing that Herbie Hancock would be proud of and Ronika’s smokey, soulful voice. there’s some ace ‘70’s Disco drops in here too. That’s how you do a drop, not like these Brostep kids these days.

Shook (Feat. Ronika) – Distorted Love

‘Distorted Love’’s B-Side, ‘Love For You’ should be dropping soon and expect some pretty special things from Ronika in the coming months.

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