[Download] Ren Riz’s ‘Get Yourself Together’


Ren Riz

Here’s a particularly chubby slice of Chicagoan House from Australian producer Ren Riz, who doesn’t release tunes nearly enough for our appetite but has dropped a new free download in celebration of hitting the 2K mark on SoundCloud. Followers, that is, not number of tracks uploaded (see previous statement).

Lifting the vocal hook from Psychotropic’s 1990 rave anthem Get Your Thing Together, Ren brings the piano in full effect for this bouncy warehouse groover. Pretty space and stripped back compared to many of todays House hits, Get Yourself Together concentrates it’s energies where it counts; beats, basslines and hooks. What more could you ask for?

Ren Riz – Get Yourself Together

Buy Ren Riz’s music from:


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