[MP3] Punks Jump Up reMix Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club

There’s a lot of reMixes on the new single from IndiePoppers Two Door Cinema Club’s new single, Sun. Some big names too, Fred Falke, Alex Metrix, Gildas, Logo and Gigamesh have all contributed their versions of the track, but one of the standout’s we’ve heard so far comes from London’s Punks Jump Up, and it’s a free download too!

Punks Jump up deliver a classic Electro mix, the kind that makes you remember why Kitsuné have released so much of their output. It’s a driving tune, heavy on the bass with intricate percussion that works multiple infectious riffs into the track, weaving in and out of Alex Trimble’s vocal. But ultimately it’s a fun track. Bouncy and very hard to resist, Punks Jump Up deliver another storming dancefloor monster right here. We’re definitely looking forward to what they have in store for 2013.

Two Door Cinema Club – Sun (Punks Jump Up reMix)

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[Video] Punks Jump Up, Dubka and Saint Saviour’s ‘Feels Good’

Punks Jump Up, Martin Dubka and Saint Saviour’s Feels Good is definitely a strong contender for one of the tunes of the year. Insanely funk DiscoPop that has now gone and got itself a video.

Andrew Barone and Davide Caselli put together this clip with a couple of familiar faces and a couple of familiar locations. Mucking around in Dalston basically.

Feels Good is out now.

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Punks Jump Up X Martin Dubka X Saint Saviour X MiGHty mOUse

Punks Jump Up

When we preview the Moonlight Matters reMix of Punks Jump Up and Martin Dubka‘s Saint Saviour featuring Feels Good a couple of weeks ago we also sang the praised of both the original and a storming mix from MiGHty mOUse. Now the single has been released, via Kitsuné Music, get your ears round a couple of the best tracks around right now.

Feels Good is a definite contender for one of the freshest synth leads of the year.  It’s should be understated just how good the lead is in this tune, catchy, soaring and pretty emotionally resonant. It’s the track’s ‘killer app’ which, when used in conjunction with a pounding House beat, a Moroder-esque Disco bassline and layers upon layers of cosmic synth work, provides the prefect partner for Saint Saviour’s Sci-Fi vocals. Truly epic stuff. Space-age retro Disco at it’s finest, with just a hint of a House vibe. MiGHty mOUse’s turn at the helm humanises the robo Disco somewhat. London’s Disco don delivers an organic Disco-House cut that is pretty irresistible. With an infectious piano hook, deep Housey bass and body moving percussion, anyone not compelled to dance to this tune is probably not human.

♫ Punks Jump Up X Dubka (Feat. Saint Saviour)  – Feels Good

♫ Punks Jump Up X Dubka (Feat. Saint Saviour)  – Feels Good (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

Feels Good is out now.

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Punks Jump Up X Martin Dubka X Saint Saviour X Moonlight Matters

punks jump up

Feels Good, the single resulting from the team up between London noiseniks Punks Jump Up and Martin Dubka, with Saint Saviour, is looking like it;s going to one of the single of they year. We’re certainly loving the entire package, it;s one of a few releases that Kitsuné Music have dropped this year that have knocked it out of the park. Kitsuné have had a confusing couple of years after the resurgence of Electro around 2006-2009 dies down, but this year has seen them totally return to form.

You’ll have to wait to hear the single itself, but for right now get your ears round this dub from Moonlight Matters. Returning the favour after Punks Jump Up reMixed his mind-blowing Come For Me, Moonlight Matters lays down six minutes of raw funk. With an infuriatingly hypnotic lead line and some gritty Korg Acid going on in the background, this is a tune that absolutely demands you dance. No questions asked. With until you hear the original, and the MiGHty mOUse reMix, Kitsuné have done their legacy proud with this one.

Punks Jump Up X Dubka (Feat. Saint Saviour)  – Feels Good (Moonlight Matters Dub Version)

Feels Good is released 5th November.

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Jupiter’s ‘Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman)’, with Little Boots, Punks Jump Up and Zimmer


Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman), the title track from awesome French ElectroPop duo Jupiter’s début album is getting s single release this week, in all it’s Moog Funk glory. It’s accompanied by an absolutely stunning reMix package.

It;s hard to say Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman) was one of the standouts of the album, when the album contained nearly one-hundred percent killer tracks, but it certainly was one of the tracks that sticks in your head, with it’s twisted P-Funk bassline and infectiously catchy chorus. It’s the prefect mix of sweet ElectroPop and warm French Disco. Our girl Little Boots delivers a majestic reMix that mixes up a deep 90s House vibe with a few Cosmic elements. Vicky brings a hypnotic dancefloor groove, layered with and uplifting piano hook and some great robo-vocoding. Punks Jump Up go down the warped Disco route with their reMix, the funky squelch bass powering the track along and commanding you to dance amidst the piercing synth stabs. Belgian angled Disco-meister Zimmer takes us down a Kraftwerk meets Moroder road with his take on the track. A deep electronic, at times Acidic pulse, that belies some seriously beautiful melodies.

♫ Jupiter – Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman)

♫ Jupiter – Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman) (Little Boots reMix)

♫ Jupiter – Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman) (Punks Jump Up Rewind reMix)

♫ Jupiter – Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman) (Zimmer reMix)

Jupiter’s Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman) is out today.

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Moonlight Matters reMixed by Punks Jump Up


You can head over here for our waffle about Moonlight Matters and Gustraph’s new single, ‘Come For Me’. It’s a massive Pop track, with that twanging late ‘80’s digital bass and orchestral hits we love so much. The single is out today on Kitsuné Music, but if you’re just gagging to hear the reMix from London’s Punks Jump Up, well, you’re in luck aren’t you.

Punks Jump Up keep in touch with the late ‘80’s Pop ethos of the track but deconstruct the tune and reconstruct it in their own image. Awash with Electro Boogie, the reMix is a sweet mixture of House beats and B-Boy basslines. Punks Jump Up has also kept on working the orchestral hits, well, who wouldn’t? That would be just crazy. In keeping with the late ‘80’s vibe they’ve also added a little of their Acid tendencies with a burbling 303 hook running underneath that comes into it’s own on the big breakdown. As far as the reMixes go on the single, it’s definitely our favourite, a great addition to the package.

♫ Moonlight Matters (Feat. Gustraph) – Come For Me (Punks Jump Up Freestyle Mix)

Moonlight Matters’ ‘Come To Me’ EP is out now, with the Punks jump up reMix an iTunes exclusive.

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Drop Out Orchestra’s ‘It Will Never Be The Same Again’ single


Originally heard on Aeroplane’s, still on rotation, ‘In Flight Entertainment’ compilation, Sweedish Disco duo Drop Out Orchestra’s ‘It Will Never Be The Same Again’ finally sees a single release this month with a reMix package on Eskimo Recordings.

‘It Will Never Be The Same Again’, as you will probably know by now, is nice rolling, quite jazzy, Disco number. Vocoder heavy and loaded with lush ‘70’s stings alongside bouncy synth work. It’s got quite a chilled vibe, like a relaxed Moroder, but with enough groove to rock the dancefloor. reMixes come correct from London Electro Disco duo Punks Jump Up and Gomma staple Moullinex. Punks Jump Up, bring out a little more of the dancefloor side of the track. Reminiscent of some of PJU’s older work it’s got a solid piano line, a pulsating bassline and a real House vibe to it. Moullinex wastes no time and gets straight on with his quirky Portuguese Cosmic Disco business. Space synths and a slight Tropical flavour make for a nice future retro Mediterranean flavour. Picking a hollow bass sound really accentuates the bass riff and makes for an addictive core to the track. Also including a B-Side, ‘Sun Machine’ featuring The Reverb Junkie, this is a hell of a smooth Disco package.

♫ Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be The Same Again

♫ Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be The Same Again (Punks Jump Up reMix)

♫ Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be The Same Again (Moullinex reMix)

The ‘It Will Never Be The Same Again’ single is released 21st May.

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Punks Jump Up’s ‘The (Wrong) ‘80’s Mix 2’

Punks Jump Up

Punks Jump Up – The (Wrong) ‘80’s Mix 2 = Well this is just awesome. In celebration of the release of the amazing Mr. overtime single, Punks jump up have put together this hour long mix after my own heart crammed full of obscure ‘80’s dance mixes. Enjoy!”

Punks Jump Up – The (Wrong) ‘80’s Mix 2

The tracklist:

01. The Service – Dance Up
02. Ironic Remark – Rebirth Of An Anti-Christ (Instrumental)
03. Flirts – All You Ever Think About Is Sex
04. Glam – More Than Ever (Fashion Mix)
05. Lefturno – Out Of Sight
06. Steel Mind – Boss Man
07. Gaz Nevada – Ticket To Los Angeles
08. The Earons – Land Of Hunger (Dub)
09. Ministry – I Wanted To Tell Her
10. Temper – No Favors
11. Pete Shelley – Witness The Change
12. Propaganda – Frozen Faces
13. Yes – Leave It (Re-Mix)
14. Queen – Invisible Man (12″ Mix)
15. Gino Soccio – Remember
16. Patrick Cowley – Going Home (Re-Mix)
17. Secret Service – Night City
18. Macho – Not Tonight (Re-Mix)
19. Gary’s Gang – Makin’ Music (Dub)
20. Giorgio Moroder – Night Drive
21. Gina & The Flexix – Believe

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Punks Jump Up’s ‘Mr. Overtime’ video

Punks Jump Up’s ‘Mr. Overtime’ has already provided us with one of the best tracks of the year so far, and some of the best reMixes of the year too. Now, completing the hat-trick, it provides us with one of the best videos of the year.

Maxime Bruneel directs this neon soaked, retro styled, animated exploration of utter cool. We wish life looked like this!

‘Mr. Overtime’ is released 30th April on Moda.

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Rebeka’s ‘Stars’ with Punks Jump Up & Mirror People


We had a look at the video for Rebeka’s new single ‘Stars’ earlier this week. The single is out today on Discotexas and hold a whole host to crazy reMixes. Quirky ElectroPop, on the whole, has been pretty quiet for a couple of years so we’re really diggin’ this resurgence in eclectic, interesting electronic Pop bands. Discotexas seems to be pretty into it too with more and more of their releases bringing a BedroomPop flavour to their Disco.

‘Stars’ is a great introduction to this Polish duo, (yes, Rebeka is a duo) is a classic DiscoPop track with a sultry cabaret quality and an extra helping of eastern European bizarreness. Fun and funky is a heady combination. The reMix package is, as you’d expect from Discotexas, top quality. Punks Jump Up, who after a couple of years being the coolest of the underground seem to be gaining momentum recently, bring their abrasive London Disco style to the track with building Acidic lines and a peak time vibe. Discotexas’ own Mirror People also deliver a slick as hell mix, working things a bit deeper with their Club Mix. Mirror People’s version retains the cabaret flow and presents it for the dark corners of seedy Electro clubs.

Rebeka – Stars (Original Mix)

♫ Rebeka – Stars (Punks Jump Up reMix)

♫ Rebeka – Stars (Mirror People Club Mix)

‘Stars’ is released 20th April on Discotexas with reMixes from Punks Jump Up.

Check out more from Rebeka on SoundCloud.