[Mixtape] Penguin Prison’s ‘Happy Holidays’ mix

Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison– Happy Holidays 2012 Mix = Penguin Prison comes bearing gifts! Here’s his new free mixtape, his Happy Holidays mix. It;s a winner all the way through, loaded with reMixes of comfortable recognisable tracks.The opening track alone is worth the admission price.

Penguin Prison – Happy Holidays 2012 Mix

The tracklist:

01. Kavinsky Vs. Holy Ghost! – Night ‘Booty’ Call
02. Bonar Bradberry (Feat. Steven Odyssey Collazo) – Stop & Look
03. Pat Lok – Yes Game (Bit Funk reMix)
04. Shindu – Just Go (Reflex reMix)
05. Whitney Houston – I’m Every Woman (Nelue Rework)
06. Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn reMix)
07. Chris Malinchak – So Good To Me
08. Classixx – Stranger Love (RAC Mix)
09. Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way (Psychemagik reMix)
10. Isaac Tichauer – Obsession
11. Munga – Let’s Work It Out (The Living and Dying are the Same Thing Mix)

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The Magician reMixes RAC & Penguin Prison


So, we’ve been fans of RAC reMix work for a few years now, they generally tend to release high quality tunes, and long time readers will know we’ve been supporting Chris Glover A.K.A.  Penguin Prison  since day one, so these idea of these two entities making a tune together was pretty exciting stuff. The end result, ‘Hollywood’, was surprisingly, gangly guitar laden, Indie. We were kinda’ disappointed, it was actually a really good song, but far too guitary to grace these pages. Enter The Magician to make things all better.

The Magician strips things back al little with this mix. He makes the decision, we think the correct decision, to let the highly melodic vocal carry the track musically. Which is a good move, to many melodies would have cluttered the track and keeping things to a simply riff allows the track room to breathe. Basically, we’ve been dying to hear this track with a dance beat and synths, The Magician has delivered.

RAC (Feat. Penguin Prison) – Hollywood (The Magician reMix)

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Muffin reMixes Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison

So, while we brace ourselves against the tide of reMixes of Penguin Prison’s ‘Fair Warning’ occasionally a wave heads our way that we just can’t ignore. In this instance it comes crashing down courtesy of one of our favourite producers, the Australian king of all things Dreamwave, Muffin. Personally, I’d rather Muffin was releasing EPs rather than entering reMix competitions, but seeing as he is, he’s going to floor the cometition.

Of all the reMixes of ‘Fair Warning’ we’ve heard, this one by Muffin is by far the most fun. It’s ridiculous how much fun it is, and if you’re listening to it in a situation where you are unable to dance, it’ll have you grinning from ear to ear the whole way thorough. Muffin has mixed up a good time Disco vibe, slick Dreamwave and just a hint of bouncy ElectroPop into one happy, funky, monster. Warbling lead lines, popping electro tom rolls and cosmic stings all bob along at a shindig of sound. Chris Glover’s vocals suddenly seem to take on a cheeky lilt when paired with Muffin’s whimsical solos. It’s just an awesome party track, flawlessly produced, and a cometition winner.

♫ Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Muffin reMix)

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Figure Of 8 reMixes Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison

It’s been a while since we heard from New Your Bedroom Pop turned Indie-Electro jetsetter Penguin Prison, we figure he’s holed up in the studio somewhere working on his next album. If you find yourself desperate for some new PP then have no fear. Our favourite denizen of Belfast Figure Of 8 is here with one of his slick DancePop reMixes of ‘Fair Warning’.

It;s becoming more and more apparent, especially in the last couple of years, that the gulf between the producer as a guy with some music software and a few ideas and the producer as a guy with musical training, or at least latent ability and understanding of music theory, is getting wider and wider. Figure Of 8 firmly falls into the latter category with a string of reMixes that show off his talent like he’s taunting the less gifted. The track centres around some sweet piano and and the kind of early ‘90’s House synth bass that we’re fast associating with Figure Of 8 that give the track a classic Dance tune feel which kinda’ softens Chris Glover’s impassioned vocals and gives them more of a smooth flow. All-in-all another on of Figure Of 8’s almost timeless productions, a classic Dance sound with a classic Pop feel.

Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Figure of 8 reMix)

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Penguin Prison’s ‘Don’t Fuck With My Money’ video

Here’s the video for Penguin Prison awesome current single ‘Don’t Fuck With My Money’.

As you can tell it was filmed amongst Occupy Wall Street, not too sure whether this falls under show of solidarity or cheap cash-in, make me a little uncomfortable. Still, you can’t knock the song, the song is amazing.

‘Don’t Fuck With My Money’ is out now.

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Penguin Prison’s ‘September Mix’

pengiun prison

Penguin Prison – September Mix = Smooth Disco and ElectroPop sounds from the king of introspective Indie-Electro.

♫ Penguin Prison – September Mix

The tracklist:

01. Rayko – You Don’t Care About My Love (Rayko Edit)
02. Crazy P – The Hit
03. Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Club Mix)
04. George Duke – Shine On (Late Nite Tuff Guy’s Boogie Edit)
05. Reverso 68 – Earthly Powers
06. Fantasy – You’re Too Late (Casual Encounters Edit)
07. Holy Ghost! – Say My Name (Eli Escobar reMix)
08. Todd Terje – Ragysh
09. Metronomy – She Wants (Javi Redondo & Carreno is LB Re-Edit)
10. Black Van – Moments of Excellence

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Don’t fuck with Penguin Prison’s money

Penguin Prison

It’s been a live favourite for a while now, so ‘Don’t Fuck With My Money’ was a good choice of Penguin Prison to tease his forthcoming album.

‘Don’t Fuck With My Money’ is such an evolution from his BedroomPop of old. Whist it keep s that intimate, low key vibe, the production is big Disco Funk layered Indie-Electro. This is a true good times anthem, funky and funny. Listening to the studio version it’s easy to understand why this track always goes down so well at shows.

♫ Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck With My Money

Penguin Prison’s self-titled début album drops 5th September.

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Dirty Vegas Vs. Penguin Prison


Just out is Dirty Vegas’ ‘Little White Doves’ single from their recent ‘Electric Love’ album. We already dropped the Visitor reMix a while back and alongside that and tracks from Nightriders, Blonde Rocka and Ladytron, Indie-ElectroPopper Penguin Prison contributes to the package.

PP goes all epic 80’s soundtrack rock meets deep House tune for his take on the tune. The anthemic vocals and rousing retro sound counterpointed with low down Acid burbling and a hypnotic groove. Dirty Vegas have returned the favour by contributing to the (now massive) collection of reMixes of Penguin Prison’s ‘Fair Warning’ who work their sunrise House magic on the song with a nice subtle Balearic feel to it.

♫ Dirty Vegas – Little White Doves (Penguin Prison reMix)

Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Dirty Vegas reMix)

‘Little White Doves’ is taken from the ‘Electric Love’ album, the single out now.

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More Penguin Prison reMixes


Penguin Prison’s ‘Fair Warning’ is finally released as a single toward the end of the month, so here’s is some more reMixes to get you pumped.

We’ve dropped the dub of Goldroom’s mix last week but now you can check out the full reMix version. Josh Legg whips up a relaxed beach party vibe The main riff keeps your head nodding while the distant guitar chug and tropical drum fills work their magic to conjure up images of good times and sunsets. All this works amazingly well with PPs vocals, taking him out of the city to being amongst the palm trees. Manchester’s Club Clique exists in the place where Indie-Electro and Disco meet. With an almost New York Disco video that wouldn’t be out of place on DFA, with a solid Disco Bass and smooth synths plating against a relentless Funk guitar riff that makes the song it’s own.

♫ Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Goldroom reMix)

Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Club Clique Actualité reMix)

‘Fair Warning’ is released on 26th July.

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Penguin Prison’s ‘Fair Warning’ video

We’ve heard a lot from Penguin Prison’s new single, ‘Fair Warning’ recently in the form a quite a few reMixes. Now let your eyes take over for a while with the new video clip for the song.

I do like all the geometric 80’s coloured lights

‘Fair Warning’ is out now.

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