Muffin reMixes Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison

So, while we brace ourselves against the tide of reMixes of Penguin Prison’s ‘Fair Warning’ occasionally a wave heads our way that we just can’t ignore. In this instance it comes crashing down courtesy of one of our favourite producers, the Australian king of all things Dreamwave, Muffin. Personally, I’d rather Muffin was releasing EPs rather than entering reMix competitions, but seeing as he is, he’s going to floor the cometition.

Of all the reMixes of ‘Fair Warning’ we’ve heard, this one by Muffin is by far the most fun. It’s ridiculous how much fun it is, and if you’re listening to it in a situation where you are unable to dance, it’ll have you grinning from ear to ear the whole way thorough. Muffin has mixed up a good time Disco vibe, slick Dreamwave and just a hint of bouncy ElectroPop into one happy, funky, monster. Warbling lead lines, popping electro tom rolls and cosmic stings all bob along at a shindig of sound. Chris Glover’s vocals suddenly seem to take on a cheeky lilt when paired with Muffin’s whimsical solos. It’s just an awesome party track, flawlessly produced, and a cometition winner.

♫ Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Muffin reMix)

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Radio INK + Muffin + Rogue Vogue

Radio Ink

When Australian ElectroPoppers Radio INK returned to our consciousnesses in February with their  with their ‘Who We Are Tonight’ single we welcomed them back with open arms. A massive comeback single for a band who get massive ElectroPop just right. Uplifting sing-a-long brilliance. Now they are doubling the excitement by dropping a reMix package and bringing some awesome talent with them.

Fellow Aussie Muffin is no stranger to reMixing Radio INK, but he released so rarely that we eagerly consume anything he puts out. The man is a Dreamwave genius who, with his version of the track, effortlessly merges the rich ElectroPop of Radio INK with with his own retro powerhouse. Perhaps more Poppy than Muffin productions we are used to, but this is no bad thing. Muffin brings an almost The Sound Of Arrows quality to the track in it’s pure euphoria, and when the solo kicks in, it’s enough to make a grown man weep with joy. Rogue Vogue take a deeper road with the track. First heard on The Magicians last Magic Tape, Rogue Vogue’s reMix is deep early ‘90’s House. The Sound of Chicago completely changes the cut-up vocals into a smooth jackin’ monster.

Radio INK – Who We Are Tonight (Muffin reMix)

Radio INK – Who We Are Tonight (Rogue Vogue reMix)

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Popular Computer’s new single

Popular Computer

Out this week is Popular Computer new record, ‘Lointain’.

We’ve been waiting for the release for a while now and it’s a stormer. Parisian Sylvain Dalido get’s into a synthetic Disco state of mind with a laid back electronic sound packed with vintage synths and Disco licks. On the reMix is a whole bunch of our favourite producers. Australian Dreamwave master Muffin, who has been away far too long, drops a delicious retro beach party of a tune, mixing up the Disco and the ‘80’s, which just highlight why we need to hear more from this man. Pharao Black Magic get their analog Disco groove on with a deep bass driven slice of slo-mo electronic Funk. Robotaki’s contribution is a wonderful mix of everything good in Nu-Disco and SynthWave with a strong Moog Funk rhythm section, twisting lead lines and shimmering retro chords fit of a perfect sunset.

♫ Popular Computer – Lointain

Popular Computer – Lointain (Muffin reMix)

♫ Popular Computer – Lointain (Pharao Black Magic reMix)

Popular Computer – Lointain (Robotaki reMix)

‘Lointain’ is out now on Chilly Gonzalez and Housse De Racket‘s label Schmooze.

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Radio INK

Radio INK are an in-your-face ElectroPop act from Sydney, Australia, who are pretty well known on their home turf but defiantly need some worldwide exposure.

The trio are about to release their third single, ‘Physical’, which is produced by hyper-talented Diamond Cut (who reMixed their last two singles) and features reMixes by the cream of down under talent. The awesome Muffin, who has been far too quiet of late, brings his massive sounding Nu-Disco flavour to the track with some massive pads and killer bass. G.L.O.V.E.S. drops more of a late night Disco vibe. Injecting the sexy to Muffin’s euphoria. Moonchild round off the package with their Filter-House  workout. All three mixes keep much of the song itself intact making for thee awesome ElectroPop tracks. This single is recommended!

Radio INK – Physical (Muffin reMix)

Radio INK – Physical (G.L.O.V.E.S. reMix)

Radio INK – Physical (Moonchild reMix)

‘Physical’ drops on 10th December.

Radio INK @ Official Website

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Muffin reMixes Them:Youth

Check this track out, it’s Australian producer Muffin’s reMix of London based newcomers Them:Youth new single ‘Forever Rising’.

It’s a perfect slice of modern ElectroPop, the bassline and melodies harkens back to the 80’s but the production is bang up to date, that’s how ElectroPop should be done these days! It’s not the first time Muffin has graced these pages, and I doubt it’ll be the last.

Them:Youth – Fever Rising (Muffin reMix)

‘Fever Rising’ was released this week on Big Hand Recordings.

Them:Youth @ Beatport

Them:Youth @ Juno

Them:Youth @ 7Digital

Them:Youth @ Amazon

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Australian Dreamwaver Muffin has dropped a couple of new tracks on an eager internet.

‘Sunkissed’ and ‘Astronaut Candy’ are two, amazingly produced, retro synth monsters. Chilled grooves and sparking synths are the order of the day, pinned down with rolling FM basslines. ‘Astronaut Candy’ is a laidback jam perfect for summer nights in the city whereas ‘Sunkissed’ is a little harder with an awesome synth lead.

Muffin – Sunkissed (zShare) (MediaFire)

Muffin – Astronaut Candy (zShare) (MediaFire)

Go show this up and coming producer some MySpace love!

Muffin @ MySpace