Muffin reMixes Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison

So, while we brace ourselves against the tide of reMixes of Penguin Prison’s ‘Fair Warning’ occasionally a wave heads our way that we just can’t ignore. In this instance it comes crashing down courtesy of one of our favourite producers, the Australian king of all things Dreamwave, Muffin. Personally, I’d rather Muffin was releasing EPs rather than entering reMix competitions, but seeing as he is, he’s going to floor the cometition.

Of all the reMixes of ‘Fair Warning’ we’ve heard, this one by Muffin is by far the most fun. It’s ridiculous how much fun it is, and if you’re listening to it in a situation where you are unable to dance, it’ll have you grinning from ear to ear the whole way thorough. Muffin has mixed up a good time Disco vibe, slick Dreamwave and just a hint of bouncy ElectroPop into one happy, funky, monster. Warbling lead lines, popping electro tom rolls and cosmic stings all bob along at a shindig of sound. Chris Glover’s vocals suddenly seem to take on a cheeky lilt when paired with Muffin’s whimsical solos. It’s just an awesome party track, flawlessly produced, and a cometition winner.

♫ Penguin Prison – Fair Warning (Muffin reMix)

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