The Magician reMixes RAC & Penguin Prison


So, we’ve been fans of RAC reMix work for a few years now, they generally tend to release high quality tunes, and long time readers will know we’ve been supporting Chris Glover A.K.A.  Penguin Prison  since day one, so these idea of these two entities making a tune together was pretty exciting stuff. The end result, ‘Hollywood’, was surprisingly, gangly guitar laden, Indie. We were kinda’ disappointed, it was actually a really good song, but far too guitary to grace these pages. Enter The Magician to make things all better.

The Magician strips things back al little with this mix. He makes the decision, we think the correct decision, to let the highly melodic vocal carry the track musically. Which is a good move, to many melodies would have cluttered the track and keeping things to a simply riff allows the track room to breathe. Basically, we’ve been dying to hear this track with a dance beat and synths, The Magician has delivered.

RAC (Feat. Penguin Prison) – Hollywood (The Magician reMix)

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2 comments on “The Magician reMixes RAC & Penguin Prison

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