Oxford’s new track


It’s Oxford new tune, and from the moment that funky bass kicks in it’s goin’ off. The Frenchman has delivered another massive slice of Sci-Fi Disco. A pre-cursor to his forthcoming release, if the new single is anything like the slick groove found here, we can’t wait.

Combo hit you like the best French Electro and Disco. With a butt-shakingly infectious bassline, seriously this bassline is like a funky brain worm, Combo gets all the points of Disco just right. Lush strings, cosmic synths and a feel-good vibe wash all over this track, a track put together by someone who really knows what they are doing, musically. There’s even a nice baroque breakdown. I really hope the seemingly early fade is remedied if this track gets a proper release, it ends all too soon.

Oxford – Combo

Check out more from Oxford on SoundCloud.

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