Goldroom reMixed by Oxford


First Freak You’s reMix of Goldroom & Australian Singer Chela’s ‘Fifteen’ yesterday now today we are presented with another reMix from the highly underrated Frenchman Oxford. It’s another really stunning track from this producer who always brings a cool vibe to his tunes, things are no different here.

Loading the track with a smooth, funky, groove, Oxford picks up the tempo from the laid back Dreamwave original and gives it an upbeat beach party Disco sound. By making the track all about good vibes Oxford retains the innocence and nostalgia of the original but injects it with a little more of a dancefloor sensibility. Slick Disco licks and pumping sidechaned chords bounce the track along, providing a solid core for the rousing vocals to ride, turning it into a real sunrise anthem.

Goldroom (Feat. Chela) – Fifteen (Oxford reMix)

Goldroom’s EP is out now.

Buy Goldroom’s music from:

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