Daze’s ‘New York 1984’


Out this week is the new single from French Disco guru Daze. This time he’s joined by Girl Is Tough for New York 1984, which could end up being one of the surprise hits of the summer. Prepare to feel good, ‘cos, quite frankly, here’s no other way to feel when this tune is on.

So, New York 1984 is the perfect slice of funky Disco. It’s loaded with the kinds of pumping bass, squelchy Moog leads and wicked Disco licks you’d expect from the best of Nu-Disco, but what pushes it over the edge to greatness is the addition of  Girl Is Tough smooth and sexy vocals. Fu and soulful the vocals bring out the late night groove in the track. there’s a whole host of reMixes, but the picks come from one of our favourite producers Pyramid, who plays around with the vocals over a beautiful five minutes of cosmic, analog, Disco flavoured SynthWave. He really makes the track epic. Also stepping up is Le Crayon who brings out the ‘70’s Disco flavour in the track and rounds off the track with a soaring synth solo that sets the track on fire.  The prefect summer groove.

♫ Daze (Feat. Girl Is Tough) – New York 1984

♫ Daze (Feat. Girl Is Tough) – New York 1984 (Pyramid reMix)

♫ Daze (Feat. Girl Is Tough) – New York 1984 (Le Crayon reMix)

New York 1984 is out now.

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