[Audio] Daze’s new EP



You may remember us mentioning the (then) forthcoming EP from French Turbofunk master Daze, titled at the time Solar. Well, the EP is finally out this week, having developed some periods and S.OL.A.R. now stands for Sound Of Love Around Radios and the EP holds five tracks of top quality dirty synth Funk and floor shaking French Disco grooves.

S.O.L.A.R., the lead track, is a massive vocoder Funk monster. Setting the tone for the robotic dream vocals and the buzzing retro synths that permeate the whole EP. S.O.L.A.R. mixes up a little twisted 70s Funk, rolling Disco and French-Touch into a impressive and full tune that immediately grabs hold of you and coerces you to, at the very least, get a good head nod going. Something On Your Mind continues the journey into soulful vocoding and vintage electronic grooves. A little more R&B in it’s approach, Something On Your Mind takes that heartfelt swing and gives it a retro-future makeover. Like a funky robot’s lament. After the baroque French Electro of Childhood Dreams comes Daze’s the previous single, Thinking About You. This track is the epicentre of the EP, funky as hell and built upon jazzy synths, a Disco beat and soaring vocoded vocals, it delivers everything you want from Robo Disco in a surprisingly poppy package. The S.O.L.A.R. EP is  definitely recommended if you’re looking for a collection of smooth synthetic soulful sounds.

♫ Daze – S.O.L.A.R. (Sound Of Love Around Radios)

♫ Daze – Something On Your Mind

♫ Daze – Thinking About You

Daze’s S.O.L.A.R. EP is out today.via Brigade Mondaine,

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[Audio] New tune from Daze


French Electro Disco producer Daze is gearing up for the release of his latest EP, to be titled Solar, which is apparently in progress. In the meantime he has dropped this previously unreleased tune to tide us over and it;s got us really looking forward to the EP.

Thinking About You is French Disco done right. Funky as all hell and build from massive sounds. A sweet vocoded vocal hook give the track structure in a track that harkens back to Daze’s Foundations EP. It’s the arrangement here that really shines though, wich drops and builds in just the right places and innovative fills to transition between the two. A definite floorfiller, roll on the EP.

♫ Daze – Thinking About You

Daze’s new EP is released soon.

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Daze’s ‘New York 1984’


Out this week is the new single from French Disco guru Daze. This time he’s joined by Girl Is Tough for New York 1984, which could end up being one of the surprise hits of the summer. Prepare to feel good, ‘cos, quite frankly, here’s no other way to feel when this tune is on.

So, New York 1984 is the perfect slice of funky Disco. It’s loaded with the kinds of pumping bass, squelchy Moog leads and wicked Disco licks you’d expect from the best of Nu-Disco, but what pushes it over the edge to greatness is the addition of  Girl Is Tough smooth and sexy vocals. Fu and soulful the vocals bring out the late night groove in the track. there’s a whole host of reMixes, but the picks come from one of our favourite producers Pyramid, who plays around with the vocals over a beautiful five minutes of cosmic, analog, Disco flavoured SynthWave. He really makes the track epic. Also stepping up is Le Crayon who brings out the ‘70’s Disco flavour in the track and rounds off the track with a soaring synth solo that sets the track on fire.  The prefect summer groove.

♫ Daze (Feat. Girl Is Tough) – New York 1984

♫ Daze (Feat. Girl Is Tough) – New York 1984 (Pyramid reMix)

♫ Daze (Feat. Girl Is Tough) – New York 1984 (Le Crayon reMix)

New York 1984 is out now.

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Daze reMixes Chromeo


Better late than never Daze turns up to the ‘Hot Mess’ reMix party with his take on the Chromeo tune.

As well as bringing a bottle Daze comes loaded with thick 70’s synths and squelchy basslines. It’s pretty hard to stand out from the pack in the game that is reMixing ‘Hot Mess’ but Daze does his job by producing a Disco tune that is that tiny bit more retro than everyone else. This is a late night jam.

Chromeo (Feat. Solange) – Hot Mess (Daze reMix)

Chroemo’s ‘When The Night Falls’ single is out now and taken from their amazing ‘Business Casual ‘ album.

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Daze’s ‘Summer Minimix’


Daze – Summer Minimix 2011 = If you haven’t woken up yet this week then Daze’s latest mixtape will do the job for you. Electro, Nu-Disco, Dreamwave good times.

Daze – Summer Minimix 2011

The tracklist:

01. Hudson Mohawke – Octan
02. Data/Debt – California special (Eumig & Chinon reMix)
03. Chromeo (Feat. Solange) – When The Night Falls (Breakbot reMix)
04. Teenage Bad Girl – X Girl (Alan Braxe reMix)
05. Eumig & Chinon – This Fang
06. Jupiter Vs. Kassav – Kass Limon
07. ParaOne & Tacteel – Rome
08. Slice & Soda – Gasoline Fire
09. Passion Pit – Sleepyhead (Daze reMix)
10. Nero – Must Be The Feeling
11. Housse de Racket – Roman (Oliver reMix)

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Daze reMixes Ellie Goulding


You remember Ellie Goulding’s ‘Starry Eyed’? You remember how awesome it was two summers ago? You remember how it has a perfectly good, fun and funky,  music video? You remember how the perfectly good, fun and funky, music video also got edited into a perfectly good music video for the jaw droopingly amazing Russ Chimes reMix of the song? Well, now the single is being released in the States there is a new video for it, which I won’t be posting as it appears to be the latest in a long line of record label attempts to turn Ms. Goulding into the blandest artist ever. The previous video was kinetic, and dancey, and youthful. The new video is Ellie slow-mo in a field, full of product placement, or something. Kinda’ like ‘The Writer’ video then? Seriously, we’ll see how many top 10 hits she has after you’ve tuned her into a dreary folk artist. My advice? Stick her back with Starsmith, let Neon Gold look after her, and we’ll all have a good time. The song is about shared clubbing or festival experiences, not picnics and feeling up bark.

Aaaaaaaaaanyway…renewed interest in the, admittedly still brilliant, track means more reMixes. Daze has put together a storming Disco fuelled epic track. Sliding between different grooves Daze controls the listener before sweeping in with a massive analog solo. Synth Funk haven.

Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed (Daze reMix)

‘Starry Eyed’ is out now.

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