[Audio] FM Attack’s ‘Deja Vu’ album


FM Attack

This week, SynthWave innovator and one of the most underrated producers around, Vancouver’s FM Attack, released his long awaited new album. As one of the producers on-board with the Dreamwave sound in it’s infancy, FM Attack has been a constant staple of the scene who’s releases are always looked forward to with anticipation. Clocking up some pretty high profile reMixes in-between albums just goes to show the regard Shawn Ward is held in amongst dance music producers. This new records, Deja Vu, sees FM Attack lean more in a traditional song direction, and the results are well worth your attention.

From the opening beats of With You Tonight, you know you’re in for an Italo infused SynthPop treat. It;s a breezy, romantic tune, full of musical nostalgia and human vocals, and sets the scene for Deja Vu. The Greek voice of retro Pop Kristine makes her first of two appearances on the album on Magic which, like it’s counterpart Runaway, is a emotionally charged slick of authentic 80s Pop laden with icy synths played against a warm bassline and Kristine’s powerful Pop-Rock vocal style. It’s a classic Pop tune, as opposed to Runaway’s more infectious Electro Boogie stylings. Elsewhere on the album you’ll fine the compelling Robo Disco of Corazon, otherworldly and machine-like rub shoulders with the finger snapping, soulful Italo groove of Activate, a vocoder fuelled android’s lament. Tears Don’t Lie and Lost Angeles bring something a little more traditionally SynthWave to the table, showing of their 80s soundtrack music DNA in two very different ways, energetic & Poppy and pensive & resonant. In the middle of the release sits the Julian Sanza featuring Fade Away, an unusual excursion into Balearic Italo with 90s euphoric Trance leads. Deja Vu definitely lives up to what we hope for with a new FM Attack release. Shawn has outdone himself again, we suggest you check it out.

♫ FM Attack (Feat. Kristine) – Magic

♫ FM Attack – Activate

♫ FM Attack (Feat. Kristine) – Runaway

♫ FM Attack – With You Tonight

FM Attack’s Deja Vu is out now.

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