[Audio] Mitch Murder reMixes Kristine


Greece’s finest, retro Pop artist Kristine’s Modern Love EP is released this week. We had a look at the title track and Powerglove’s reMix a while back, but, of course, one of the track on the EP we were particularly looking forward to was this reMix of The Danger by SynthWave king Mitch Murder. Mitch and Kristine previously collaborated on an amazing track called Feel The Air, so the thought of these two teaming up again was pretty exciting.

And the track doesn’t disappoint, and it will put an immediate smiley on your face. It’s put epic soundtrack Pop that could easily be the lead song from a mid-80s action flick soundtrack. The vocal track that makes a good single, but still works well in the context of the film. Soulful and moody, both Mitch and Kristine are pitch perfect on this track. Gentle arpeggios, lush pianos and a vintage beat alongside Murder’s trademark digital bass and Kristine’s Stevie Nicks-esque vocals, all work just right, slowest building toward the dramatic finale. The pinnacle of retro Pop.

♫ Kristine – The Danger (Mitch Murder reMix)

Kristine’s Modern Love EP is out now on Tuff ‘Em Up.

Buy Kristine’s music from:


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