[MP3] Kristine’s X-mas present


Here’s an early X-mas present from our favourite Greek 80s girl Kristine. It’s a cover of Vaneese Thomas’ 1987 album track Rockin’ & Lovin’ and it’s pitch perfect retro Pop. Maybe it’s just that time of year, but even though Rockin’ & Lovin’ isn’t really an X-Mas some, it still feels like it’s got a holiday vibe.

It could be the upbeat, feel-good groove, could be the nostalgic New Wave beat and digital bassline, could be Kristine’s husky voice that slips between soulful and rocks, in that was the best 80s signers always did. Whatever it is, Kristine’s cover of Rockin’ & Lovin’ just makes me think of good times with friends, and you don’t get more X-Massy than that. Just wait for the sax!

Kristine – Rocking’ &  Lovin’ (Vaneese Thomas Cover)

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