[Audio] Plastic Plates reMixed by Bufi

Plastic Plates

This reMix of Plastic Plates’, Simon Lord featuring, Things I Didn’t Know I Loved is a nice little extra. Not featuring on the single, it comes as part of Kitsuné Music’s Kitsuné Club Night Mix #3 compilation, mixed by main man Gildas. It;s by Mexican producer Bufi and is perfect Friday night material,

Bufi Houses things up a little, mixing a nice digital Disco bassline with a big piano House riff to fun, summery effect. This mix is all about dancing and good times, injecting the track with a lively carnival vibe and enough dancefloor power to keep it moving. A nice Balearic breakdown adds a little touch of sunrise awe right in the middle of a solid groove.

♫ Plastic Plates (Feat. Simon Lord) – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved (Bufi reMix)

Things I Didn’t Know I Loved is out now.

Buy Plastic Plates’ music from:

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