DJ Falcon reMixes Justice


Well this is probably the best thing to come out of new-era Justice so far.  Legendary French Touch master and one half od Together, DJ Falcon, has taken on Justice’s new single New Lands from their recent album, Audio, Video, Disco.

In fact, the whole EP is the best thing Justice have released in awhile, reMixes come from A-Trak and SebastiAn too, both top quality, but Falcon’s takes the prize. Slick rolling Disco grooves and warm, lush synths that carry along with the tune. There’s almost a Dreamwave quality to the track, a sunshine optimism, that is until the four minute mark where things get a little more French Electro.

♫ Justice – New Lands (Falcon reMix)

Justice’s New Lands is out now.

Buy Justice’s music from:

New track from Breakbot


It has been far, far, far, far too long since there was some proper new Breakbot material. And now that there is, we find ourselves surprised by it. This track ‘Programme’ is the B-Side to his forthcoming new single, itself a precursor to the long awaited album ‘By Your Side’ which Ed Banger is set to released in September.

Surprising because, ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Baby I’m Yours’ this ain’t. But it does seem to follow the whole recent Ed Banger trend, they seem to ebb and flow into styles as a whole label, which is actually quite cool. ‘Programme’ kicks of in true Breakbot fashion with some slick disco with a raw bass and lush synth chords. Soon though, the synth snare from A Flock Of Seagulls’ ‘Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)’ turns up and brings some epic guitar soloing in tow and the whole track turns into an unexpectedly experimental, but ultimately melodic journey through a beautiful arrangement. It’s a really good peice, maybe not quite the second coming some people are making it out to be but it is only a B-side, that has us very interested to hear what the new album holds. Musically, ‘Programme’ is a stunning peice of work, massive respect to Breakbot’s talent, it just caught us a little off guard. But that’s a good thing, right?

Breakbot – Programme

‘By Your Side’, Breakbot’s new album, is due out this September.

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Justice’s ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ video (+download)

Here it is! The video for Justice’s new single ‘Audio, Video, Disco’.

Directed by Ed Banger visuals man So Me the clip is a seamlessly edited wander around a studio wonderland.

And now you can grab the Video Edit of the track for free!

Justice – Audio, Video, Disco (Video Edit)

Justice’s new album, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ is out soon on Ed Banger.

Buy Justice’s music from:

Who wants to hear the new Justice single?


Well, frankly, if you know anything about music comment on the internet you already have. But here’s out two penny’s worth anyway. if we could tie you down and make you listen we would.

We’re really digging it, I expect a lot of fans of Justice’s pedal-to-the-metal ‘bangers’ will be a little disappointed, but we’ve always preferred Justice when they indulge their Disco side and the obvious musical talent a little. To us, both this and ‘Civilization’ are justice at their epic, Disco opera, best.

♫ Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

Justice’s new album, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ is out soon on Ed Banger.

Buy Justice’s music from:

Ed Banger Presents ‘The Bee Sides’

I love Record Store Day. I just love the fact that Record Stores have a day! I practically grew up flicking through vinyl in dimly lit, smokey, emporiums so it fills my heart with good vibes when the record store is appreciated.

Ed Banger Records will be releasing a collectors boxset for this years Record Store Day, on 16th April, called ‘The Bee Sides’. Featuring five unreleased tracks from five of French Electro’s biggest names, the set will be five etched 7”s and limited to 500 copies worldwide. The Line up involves Justice, SebastiAn, Breakbot, Carte Blanche and Busy P, who offers this banging Hey Today! reMix of ‘Procrastinator’.

Busy P – Procrastinator (Hey Today! reMix)

Record Store Day is 16th April, you can pick up this boxset (if you can find it!) then.

Ed Banger @ Beatport

Ed Banger @ Juno

Ed Banger @ Amazon

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SebastiAn’s new ‘Embody’ video

This’ll keep me going the weekend! The first new track to début from SebastiAn’s forthcoming album, ‘Embody’ has now had it’s video premiered too! The track is Electro Disco as only the Ed Banger crew can do it, French Touch vocal samples and that Ed Banger slap bass. It all bodes well for the album!

The video is directed, of course, by So Me

SebastiAn’s début album, Total, is out in May on Ed Banger.

SebastiAn @ Beatport

SebastiAn @ Juno

SebastiAn @ 7Digital

SebastiAn @ Amazon

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Breakbot is all yours


Breakbot’s first official EP for Ed Banger Records drops on Valentine’s Day. ‘Baby I’m Yours’, featuring Irfane on vocals, is some smooth Disco basslined French House.

With razor sharp production Breakbot clears the floor of all competitors as he show how this Synth Funk should be done. ‘Make You Mine’ is more of a chilled, summer Sunday, ElectroFunk Vocoderfest that i will defiantly be breaking out in a few months time!

Breakbot (Feat. Irfane) – Baby I’m Yours (zShare) (MediaFire)

Breakbot – Make You Mine (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Baby I’m Yours’ drops 14th February.

Breakbot @ Beatport

Breakbot @ Amazon

SebastiAn for 2010


Hey, it’s been quite a week it’s been for new tracks from established acts who’ve been away far too long! A new track from French Electro master SebastiAn has surfaced, originally featured on an  Ed Banger Records promo sampler featuring some of the labels forthcoming releases.

I was debating posting the tune ‘cos a) its all over the music blogosphere anyway and b) it’s a funny one. Clocking in at just over 13 minutes, it’s only around the 11m18s mark that the good old SebastiAn we know and love drops and shit goes crazy. the preceding 11 minutes are a slow chaotic build. Strings, distorted synths and white noise meld together for so long it that waiting for it to kick in becomes almost unbearable.

But when it does…SebastiAn is back!

SebastiAn – Threnody (zShare) (MediaFire)

Anyway, the track, even the intro, has grown on me and I’m now pretty exited about the album release later this year. Ed Banger have got some good shit coming out in the coming months!

SebastiAn @ Beatport

SebastiAn @ Juno

SebastiAn @ 7Digital

SebastiAn @ Amazon

Krazy Baldhead’s Sweet Night


Ed Banger Records and Because Music are a constant supply to top quality electro-House and Nu-Disco and Krazy Baldhead is no exception. The Parisian makes deep, interesting electronic music.

Check out this club mix originally from the ‘Sweet Night’ EP and ‘3rd Movement Part 3’ on Krazy’s début album, ‘The B Suite’.

The reMix up’s the dancefloor ante. Taking, what was, a laidback, glitchy, tune and gets it’s groove on!

Krazy Baldhead (Feat. Outlines) – Sweet Night (Club Mix Def) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Both ’Sweet Night’ and ‘The B suite’ are out now:

Krazy Baldhead @ Beatport

Krazy Baldhead @ Juno

Krazy Baldhead @ Amazon

Oizo reMixes Oizo


The godfather of noisy French House Mr.Oizo has just propped his new EP, Pourriture, on Ed Banger Records. The EP features reMixes from the ‘Lamb’s Anger’ album including this one of Oizo reMixing himself.

The track, ‘Steroids’, featuring the Uffster, is a lot dancier, less abstract, than the album version with some kickin’ stabs

Mr. Oizo (Feat. Uffie) – Steroids (Mr. Oizo reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Whatever happened to Uffie? What happened to this album that was always supposed to be coming?

‘Pourriture’ & ‘Lamb’s Anger’ can be procured from all good record stores.

Mr. Oizo @ Beatport

Mr. Oizo @ Juno

Mr. Oizo @ 7Digital

Mr. Oizo @ Amazon