Justice. Helix.


This one goes out to everyone who’s been living under a rock this past week.

More new Justice ,in the form of album track ‘Helix’, has reared it’s Electro head. ‘Helix’ is huge stadium Electro as we’ve come to expect from the duo, with that impressive musicality that runs through all their work. There’s a lot of griping about the new Justice tracks around, but I just don’t see it, to me this sounds quintessentially Justice. Maybe they are just making the album I want them to make (melodic and funky with an edge of aggression) and not the album the rest of the world want them to make (fucking 320kbps bang0rz). I dunno, I really like it.

♫ Justice – Helix

As expected reMixes are already being chopped up, here’s Mr. Moustache‘s Disco edit with a few familiar samples thrown in, medley style..

Justice – Helix (Mr. Moustache reMix)

Justice’s new album, ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ is out October 25th on Ed Banger.

Buy Justice’s music from:

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